League of Legends: Which Champions are the Most Popular?

League of Legends is a popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game. It features over 140 champions, all of them with unique abilities and playstyles. Each champion has a distinct way of playing, making it difficult to decide which champion to choose.

Riot Games’ moneyspinning game has become perhaps the most played PC game available on the market today. League of Legends has over 150m players registered in their database, with 117m of those players playing on a monthly basis. It is thought that there are between 10-11m players playing the game at any one time, a truly insane amount.

To put that into perspective, FIFA 23 – EA Sports football simulation behemoth – had just over 10m players playing the game in the first week of its release. Traditionally, when games are just released, that is when they are at their most popular. League of Legends was released way back in 2009, and thanks to a number of updates over the decade-plus since the game is more popular than ever.

At the centre of League of Legends are, of course, the 140 champions who are undoubtedly the stars of the show. When you just start out playing the game, picking your favorite can feel like playing a game of roulette or slots for real money. However, once you truly sink your teeth into the game, your favorites will begin to come to the fore.

Some champions stand out and are surprisingly more popular than others. Here’s a look at some of the most popular League of Legends champions!


Ahri is a fox-like champion that is highly popular due to her versatility in a fight and her ability to quickly kill enemy champions. She can use her charm to make enemies attack her instead of their allies. Ahri’s ultimate ability, Spirit Rush, gives her the ability to dash around the battlefield, making her very difficult to target and even harder to kill.


Yasuo is a samurai-like champion that excels at taking down multiple adversaries at once. His ultimate, Last Breath, allows him to jump into the air, become invulnerable and knock up all enemies in a line. He can also use his Steel Tempest ability to dash through enemies and deal additional damage.


Viktor is a powerful mage that can easily take down enemies from a distance. His ultimate,
Chaos Storm, unleashes a powerful electric storm that deals damage over time and slows all
enemies in the area. His other abilities allow him to shield himself and his allies, as well as to
amplify his damage output.


Ashe is an elven archer that is popular due to her versatility in the battlefield. Her ultimate,
Enchanted Crystal Arrow, unleashes a powerful arrow that stuns the first enemy hit. Her other
abilities allow her to move quickly, slow enemies and even fire arrows that deal additional
damage over time.


Jinx is a mischievous champion that is popular due to her ability to cause chaos in a fight. Her
ultimate, Super Mega Death Rocket!, allows her to fire a powerful rocket that deals massive
damage to all enemies in a straight line. Her other abilities allow her to fire powerful rockets and
deal additional damage over time.
These are just some of the most popular League of Legends champions. Each one of them has
unique abilities that give players a new way to play the game. Whether you choose a mage like
Viktor or a mischievous champion like Jinx, you’re sure to have an enjoyable experience with League of Legends.

League of Legends World Championship

While the champions are undoubtedly the stars of the show, the League of Legends World
Championship is the jewel in the Riot Games crown. It is perhaps the most popular eSports
competition in the world alongside Dota 2’s International Championships, and its prize pot of
$17m can be matched by very few eSports tournaments the world over if any.

The Road to the Worlds has already kicked off, with the new competitive season kicking off in
January. There have already been big wins for last year’s runners-up T1. The South Koreanbased
team are the most successful team in the history of the Worlds, racking up three titles
throughout the history of the illustrious competition, as well as two losing appearances in the
final and two further semifinal appearances.

At the culmination of last season’s World Championship, T1 reached the final for the first time in
five years. However, they were stunned 3-2 by DRX in the North America-based finals series.
Back when the Worlds were launched back in 2011, the prize pool was just $100k split between
the finalists. This season the prize fund for the winner alone is a whopping $900k, and it is that
T1 means business. They are currently the ones to watch when it comes to the end-of-season showdown.