Fortnite Resource Farming Guide – How to farm for the win?

Gathering resources in Fortnite is a big part of the game and because of that you should make the most out of it.
Here you can find the basic knowledge that you need to farm Fortnie resources, plus tips to maximize your farming attitude!

1. Basics About Fortnite Resources

There are 3 main resources in Fortnite which you will need to build things. You can smash cars, trees, buildings and nearly everything to gather the resources. The maximum for each which you can equip is 999!

Fortnite Resource: Stone

Stone is one of the 3 main resources in Fortnite, to get it simply attack rock formations, bricks, floors, decorations and walls with your pickaxe. It also can spawn randomly.

Fortnite Resource: Wood

The second resource is Wood, the most important Fortnite resource! To get Wood use your Pickaxe and cut down trees, wooden floors, decorations and walls! It can also spawn randomly.

Fortnite Resource: Metal

The third resource is Metal, to get it use the Pickaxe and hit metallic objects like cars. It can also spawn randomly. If you eliminate other players who got metal you can also take it.

The Pickaxe

The Fortnite Pickaxe is so important for you, you will always need it in every single game to cut down objects and gather resources!
Because of that upgrade the Fortnite Pickaxe at every chance you got – it will add damage to every swing you do. That will save you tons of time and will bring you much more resource income. The Pickaxe upgrades can be found in different locations, each one stacks up until you reach 100 damage per attack.

2. Fortnite Resource Farming Tips

Resources are key to win Fortnite Battle Royale and you have to gather all the time!
Fortnite Farming Tips:

  • Don’t just attack like an ogre! 😉 Hit the sweet spot which is always marked, like that you will kill the destructible object in no time. To be exact if you hit right your damage is doubled that means in the most cases you do 50 damage instead of 25. A basic rule is always to go for the sweet spot, just aim your cursor to the circle and you will hit it. This makes farming resources faster and easier. Always get better at this! You can also hit 2 things at the same time which can make hitting the sweet spot easier.
  • Which objects should I go for? It is smarter to hit the big things like big trees, huge boulders and oversized trucks. The higher the hp pool of an object is the more it will drop for you. Don’t attack small things it will just waste your time!
  • Collect all the resource piles you can find with the key “E”.
  • You can select the “work, work” support skill to give any class a Pickaxe bonus damage.
  • Investigate caves which can contain natural Fortnite resources in the form of ores: Quartz Ore, Fortnite Coal & Fortnite Ore.
  • Find special containers: Check for cupboards, boxes, plants, treasure chests, toolboxes that look unique, they can contain rare stuff!
  • If you use a Fortnite Outlander Hero type, which are labeled as the scavenger type you will have a higher chance to find rare resources.
  • The supply drop can be your best friend, always check if it is save for you!
  • If you play in a team, always spread the resources on to every player, so that not one player has all of the stuff and the rest got nothing.
  • Rushing for supply Runs can be a waste of time, multitask instead and make timed mission!
  • Always remember you do not need 999-999-999 Fortnite resources, it will just waste your time
  • Fortnite Constructors build with a 10% discount, which sounds low but will have a huge outcome the more you will build!

That’s it, I hope these tips will help you!
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