Fortnite Patchnotes 7.40 Valentines Event #Sharethelove

Welcome to the Fortnite Patch 7.40 Summary Page!

What is new in Fortnite’s update 7.40?

Fortnite Patch 7.40 Share the love Valentines Event

  • TOP-FEATURE: Supercool Valentines Event: Everyone who completes 13 free Overtime Challenges receives the Battle Pass 8 for free! For all players this is the perfect way to get Fortnite Skins for free!
  • WOW: Fortnite Gifting is back for a limited time! 😀
  • New Weapon: Say hello to the Infantry Rifle! 😀 An accurate semi-automatic rifle gun wich you can equip in-game!
  • Resizing Tool: It’s now able to resize the props so that they fit for everyone!
  • Creative Music Update: Combine and mix your favorite music parts!
  • Fortnite Save the World Update:You can now use the new Fortnite Save the World weapon called Yeoman Sniper which is very precise!
  • Frostnite Event: Frostnite Challenge 7 is out – It’s getting even harder!