Fortnite Patch 7.10 Summary – Frostnite Event & Down Tier Crafting

Welcome to the Fortnite Patchnotes 7.10 summary page!
What is new in 7.1? 😀 lama

Fortnite Patch 7.1 Frostnite, Large Team Mode & Down Tier Crafting

  • TOP-FEATURE: Checkout the 14 Days of Fortnite Event with new Challenges to unlock rewards, with a rotation of limited time modes like the large team modes.
    Fortnite Challenge Event
  • SNOWY: Have you seen the 4 winter themed islands for the starter island. The Winter Village Prefabs gives the island a seasonal touch!Fortnite Winter Island
  • Fortnite Save the World Frostnite Update: The winter has come, and Frostnite is a new great experience for Save the World!
  • Down Tier Crafting: Now you can craft all of your favorite end game weapons or traps to lower tiers.
    Fortnite Down Tier Crafting

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