How to Fall down without taking any Damage in Fortnite!

If you have read my previous Fortnite building guides then you already learned a lot about fall damage from heights.

Today we will discuss it in detail, that how much damage you will receive at multiple heights in Fortnitehow to prevent yourself from fall damage and many more! crown

Fortnite Battle Royale Fall Damage – How much Damage each Height makes?

In the guide about the high ground in Fortnite I showed you everything about building three-story Forts & Towers in Fortnite and that if jump from it, you will never receive any fall damage. But above the three-story height, you will receive fall damage.
On the image you can see exactly how much damage you will receive at different heights in Fortnite. Not only jumping from structures will consume your health, but any type of jump from a specific height will consume your health. Note: Fall damage directly affects your health, means it will ignore your shield and directly go for your health.Fortnite Falling down height damage tableFall damage numbers:
On the damage table, you can easily see which height leads to which damage amount, and which height will end in an isntant death. To get a feeling for this always think back to the three-story height. Practice building multiple times, then just by a guess you will easily recognize the height and fall damage.

Follow these simple rules to survive any fall in Fortnite:

Let me guide you with some precautions which will help you in the mid-fall. But these precautions depends on your reflexes the more nice reflexes you have the less damage you will face during a fall in Fortnite. You can even create multiple structures to get down from high cliffs or areas faster!

1. Use a build piece while falling down:If somehow you are in a critical situation and you have to jump from a high place then before jumping keep in mind that your build pieces can save you from fall damage.Use a Fortnite construction build while you fallYou can use the floor or stairs to save yourself. I prefer you to use the key binds so you can easily build multiple times while falling. Recommendations: Use stairs because stairs have elevation, falling at the top of it shortens your fall distance. It also has a larger area so it’s relatively easy to land on it.

2. Place Structures Under You:In the above precaution, I guided you that what you should keep in mind before jumping, now I will guide you what to do after jumping. Don’t jump too far from the place you have jumped because you have to build the structure below you. create a structure under youIf you are too close then just build a wall, like in the above image attached.

Quick Tips to survive any Fortnite Fall:

  • Practice Practice and Practice, you have to keep these words in your mind because the building of structures while falling is not a piece of cake. You should have some good Fortnite building skills and fast reflexes. If not then you are dead!
  • Some pieces cannot be built in mid-air without any support like stairs. So, you have to be near to the building or cliff from where you are falling. When you will try to build a piece and if it shows a red outline then it means you cannot build it here or it needs some support. So, I prefer, to practice in the playground mode and analyze where you can build each piece and which is one more helpful for you.

That’s it, move on to the next Fortnite tutorial.

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