Fortnite Patchnotes 7.01 Summary – New Weapons & Creative Mode

Welcome Fortnite friends! 😀
Here is a quick summary for the Patchnote update 7.01!
Checkout the two new Weapons below and find all of them in the Fortnite Cash Shop!

Fortnite Patch 7.01 with Creative Mode

  • TOP-FEATURE:The new Creative Mode allows players to create their own Fortnite island! Let’s check this out! 😀
  • New Weapon: The new mythic Fortnite melee weapon looks just epic. The Infinity Blade is a powerful short ranged weapon which deals a lot of damage and it can be found at Polar Peak.Fortnite Weapon Infinity Blade
  • New Weapon:The gun called Ralphie’s Revenge is an accurate slow firing rifle. This weapon is rewarding headshots! bizeps
    Ralphies Revenge Weapon
  • Limited-Time-Mode: Play the Close Encounters mode, where you can fight in a close quarters combat with shotguns and jetpacks!

Find all Fortnite patchnotes in the archive list.

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