Fortnite Patch 7.30 X-Ray Lamas & Legendary Only Drops

Welcome to the Fortnite Patch 7.30 page! crown
What is new in this update? lama

The Solid Gold Fortnite Limited Time Mode includes only Legendary Drops:

In this Fortnite game mode only legendary weapons drop!

There is an increased amount of materials that you receive from gathering, that is far beyond the normal farming! This mode is really cool, but be careful, all have the good weapons. 😀 Try out the Fortnite Solid Gold game mode!

Fortnite Patch 7.3 Summary – Arctic Times:

  • Battle Royale: The Chiller Grenade, which is a cold iceball with a face and a red flashing nose, has entered the battlefield!Fortnite Chiller Grenade
  • Mobile Controller Support:You can now connect a mobile Controller via Bluetooth to Fortnite.Fortnite Mobile Controller
  • Creative Mode:The new Music block piano keys are ready: You can now be a musician! 😀 Fortnite Piano Key Music Blocks
  • Creative Theme:The Arctic Prefabs Theme allows to create a frozen wonderland!Arctic Prefabs Theme
  • Save the World:The X-Ray Lamas are here! 😀 Check them out in the Item Shop!
  • New Weapon: Say hello to the new ghost slashing Fortnite weapon called Spectral Blade, that you can get if you complete the Fortnite Frostnite Challenge! Fortnite Weapon Spectral Blade
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3 years ago

secondo me anche se in ritardo le palle congelate dovevano essere aggiunte durante la bufera