How to handle the Fortnite Inventory & Equipment perfectly

Today I will guide you about the Fortnite Battle Royale inventory, the Fortnite equipment and how to manage your items in the game. crown

This is guide number 3 of the Fortnite skill guides, to teach you everything about the Fortnite Inventory that is crucial to know!

1. Fortnite Battle Royale Inventory Basics

The Fortnite InventoryLet’s talk about the Battle Royale inventory basics: In Fortnite Battle Royale, there is a default inventory for the player where they can save all the items. In the default inventory there are five slots and each slot has a purpose one slot in the inventory is for the weapons, one for thegear, one for the healing purpose (Medics) and Grenades, one for the ammo and last one for the building resources (the structures you make within the game). Only knowing what is inventory is not enough to become a good player of Fortnite. It is also necessary to know the item management in the inventory to become a good player. Just to focus on the good use of weapons and items are not enoug for the Victory Royale – you also have to manage the items in the inventory. You have to be able to use it efficiently!

2. Necessary information about the Fortnite Inventory and Item Management

If you are experienced in managing your inventory well, then it will help you a lot in any type of situation, it does not matter whether it is the start of the game or a critical ending situation. Let me guide you about the inventory from the basic level so you will not face any problem while playing the game.

How to access the Fortnite Inventory perfectly:
First of all, I will guide you on how you can access your inventory while playing Fortnite. Every device has its own method to access the inventory so I will try to guide you all. If you are a PC gamer then the inventory has the default button “I” on your keyboard, just press it and the inventory page will open. If you are a Console player then try to use the “DPAD UP”, it is the default for Xbox as well as for the PlayStation. In the end, if you are a mobile gamer then there is a dedication button for inventory hopefully on the top left corner.Fortnite Inventory Screenshot

3. How to use the Fortnite Equipment Slots:

Now let’s move forward on how you should manage your items within the game, I am going to suggest you the best management of Fortnite items in the loadout which will help you a lot. (This is best for the beginners).Fortnite Slots Equipment

The 5 Slots:

  • In your first equipment slot go for the Assault Rifle, it is a well-balanced weapon for mid-range as well as for long-range fights. This weapon is best for the beginners to use. If you don’t like using the Assault Rifle then you have one more good option go for the LMG. Because it is also easy to use and much faster than the Assault Rifle and also has an automatic rate of fire. (Left one is the Assualt Rifle and Right one is the LMG).
  • In the second slot go for the close range weapon, it will help you in critical situations i.e when the enemy is too close. I advise you to go for the tactical shotgun because it is a great weapon for close range shooting and also has quick-fire rates. You can easily eliminate your enemy with this weapon with only 1 or 2 good shots. I am suggesting the tactical shotgun because it is the best close range weapon for the beginners but if you have sick aiming skills then you can go for the Pump shotgun but if you missed once or twice then you are dead because it has a long reload time. So, I don’t suggest it to beginners.
  • In your third slot, you can keep a Sniper or Explosives. Now, things will get difficult for the beginners. Because using sniper as well as the explosives are very difficult. So, I advise beginners to use the explosives to kill the enemy but if you have fast reflexes then you can go for the sniper. Otherwise, don’t use it because you won’t be able to find the enemy in the scope of the sniper but the enemy will surely eliminate you in the next second.
  • Fill your fourth slot with special items like the impulse grenades, standard grenades, clinger grenades, a port-a-fort, or just an extra weapon if it suits you (But I don’t prefer it, it is not a good move). Hence you can go for the Medics or Shields, it is more helpful than killing items.
  • If you have filled your fourth slot with grenades or weapons then choose the fifth slot for potions or juices. You can use this slot for a med kit, shield potion, bandages, or slurp juice.

I hope this Fortnite loadout or management of items will help you in getting the Victory Royale.

The right way to pick and share items in Fortnite

The best way of picking an item from the ground is to turn on the option of auto Pick up Weapons from the settings. Automatic picking of weapon will save your time and you don’t have to stand for a few seconds on the items also. Most of the players die while picking up the items because they do not have turned on the auto-picking items.Toggle Auto Pick up Weapons

I hope you have learned about the picking of weapons now let’s move forward to how you can drop or share your items. If you want to drop your item because you are planning to pick a new one then just open your inventory and select the item you want to drop and then click or press the drop button which is below the selected item. When your items are dropped your partner can easily pick them.Fortnite Dropping and Sharing Items

If you want to swap with an item on the ground then simply select the item you want to swap and then press “E” (standing above the item you want to pick) your item will get swapped.

5. Fortnite Inventory Quick Tips & Recommended Starter Equipment

  • Don’t Hoard Stuff in your Inventory:

    Don’t fill the slots of your backpack with useless stuff because in no time it will get full and you would not be able to survive. So, pick items wisely and throw out the useless ones.

  • Recycle Unneeded / Old Gear in Fortnite:

    If you have obtained some common weapons or items then get rid of them soon and make space for the good ones. You can either dump them or recycle I prefer recycling because something is better than nothing.
    When you think the durability of your weapon is gone then you should recycle it instead of dumping. Because you will receive some resources from the recycling of the weapons.

  • Craft weapons if you have the ingredients:

    In this tip, the crafting guide will help you for sure. If you have good schematics for weapons then use them to make better items. It will help in many different ways, you will get a new powerful item, and it will reduce the space in inventory also.

  • Take Advantage Of Item Stacking:

    As some of you may know that a small item can be stacked on top of each other.
    The meaning of stacking is if you have a certain number of same items then all the items would not take multiple spaces but they will sort on top of each other. For example, you pick 10 Bandages so those 10 bandages would not take 10 spaces but only one space you will see 10 written on the Bandages.

    All this lecture was to teach you to pick those items which are the same so it will save some space, only pick a different item when it is rare otherwise skip it.

6. Fortnite Inventory Conclusion & Recommendations

In the items loadout, I briefly explained which items you should equip as a Fortnite starter. In your first and second slot go for weapons in your third slot if you are beginner go for explosives (this is your offense). In the fourth and fifth slot go for medics, potions or juices (this is defense). Both offense and defense are important to win a fight.

If you have any questions comment below! Share & have fun playing. crown

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