Fortnite Battle Royale Player Roles – Real & Funny Player Types

What is your Fortnite Player Role? Comment your role!

With Fortnite mania sweeping the world, from the spot formally known as Tilted Towers (sorry, traumatic memories 😀 guys & girls I know!) to Leaky Lake, you probably want to know where you fit in to all of this!

Let me guess, you’ve binge watched YouTube only to get distracted by some of the epic battle pass six loot (Did someone say Dusk at tier 71?) and scanned a million webpages only to get hundreds of boring pop ups (when lets face it, the only add you wanna see is priced in V bucks). lama

Let this article be your one stop (after the V bucks shop) guide to your Fornite role!

All Fortnite Battle Royale player roles:

But first: What is a player role?
Each player in Battle Royale has a different role to fullfill.

Are you a Llama? No. lama

But what are you? 😀

Let’s find out: Comment with the Role that you are!

Fornite Player Role: The Team Leader

Fortnite Team Leader for Battle RoyalIf you don’t know what this role is already then it’s probably not for you! 😀
Fortnite Battle Royale leaders are the first in the pack. They are the ones who will take your team to the top, their orders are absolute. If you follow them you might be on your way to a Victory Royale but if not, hold your butt cheeks because they’re about to get kicked right out of the party.

This role should always be given to the most skilled in the team (and we’re not talking about who paid their tiers up, we’re talking people who get the most kills and who regularly hit the daily challenges). A Fortnite team leader should have tactical knowledge, he has to have a plan to lead his teammates! Via the voice chat he will give commands and the other players have to follow!

The Backup Guy – Cover your Teammates in Battle Royale!

Coveriing teammates in Battle RoyalThe backup guy role is a good starting place for beginner Fortnite players, mostly because picking up teammates comes with XP.

If you haven’t mastered shooting or building things akin to the 7 wonders, this role is probably for you!

There are two ways to play the backup guy: either by standing back while your team knock the enemy then swooping in while pickings are weak (and leaving your comrades flat on their face until the threat is avoided), or by hiding and circling back around to get some sneaky back attacks.

Fortnite Player Role: The Builder:

Fortnite Player Role The BuilderWood is in abundance in Fortnite, but the builders are the ones who know all the best materials. If you see metal walls going up at a rate which would shame a cheater you’re probably facing the builder of the team.

These guys know that a good defence is the best offense and watch your step – not only do they build their own stuff like they grew up on Minecraft, but they know how to set traps in an existing house too.

Fortnite Battle Royale – Trigger Happy:

Fortnite BR Trigger HappyTrigger happy players are the ones who can’t keep off the trigger.
If it moves, they shoot it.! Luckily there’s no such thing as friendly fire in most modes. xD

These Fornite player types will have a great kill rate but watch out because they’re likely to get you spotted if you’re in their area. They’re also the type to fire at every bush, just in case someone is in there.
The trigger happy player wants to see the world burning! 😀

The Fortnite Skin Junkie:

Fortnite Skin JunkyThis might seem like a joke role but Fortnite collectors are very serious about building their collections:
Some might see a whole rack of skins as a capitalist show off that feeds the fat cats at Epic Games but it’s more than that – it’s devotion to the game.

By 2020 these guys will be the great art collectors of the decade.
The Move Master: Pretty much the same as the Skin Junkie but with a bit more shimmy in his step. These players have all the best dances, and the worst, in fact they probably have a dance for every occasion.

The Fortnite Screenshot Saver:

Fortnite Screenshot SaverIf there’s a classy kill or a cool pose (flippin’ sexy in the bath) these players will catch it. The downside is that they won’t be free to save you from the rest of the world because their screens are busy uploading catchy comments to go alongside that epic catch.
It’s not really about actually being good at Fortnite Battle Royale as long as everyone on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Discord thinks you are right? These guys move through the world like people moving over a full street of cars watching on to their smartphone! 😀

The Fortnite Battle Royale Troll Player:

Fortnite Troll PlayerThe troll is an oldie but a goodie, it’s even in the dictionary as “a person who is deliberately provocative or offensive”.
In Fortnite terms these are the kill stealers, the teamies who take out the bottom rung of your very tall build or (most annoyingly) the enemy who gives the L over your soon to pass out corpse.

Yes, they’re jerks but with moves like seasons 5’s Gentleman’s dab can we really hate them? 😀

Yes, yes we can.

Fortnite Hacker or Too Good To Be Real:

Fortnite HackerThat’s the name we give to anyone better than us on the opposing team. You don’t chose to be a Fortnite Battle Royale hacker (unless you’re an actual hacker), you have to be given it. Usually you earn it by killing someone before they even get their finger on the trigger, by getting the best loot straight away or by wiping out the enemy when you’re on 0.00001% health.
We shouldn’t hate the hackers though, they’re great scapegoats for our screw ups.

The Evergirl Players – Are u really Female?

Fortnite Female Players and EvergirlsOne of the great perks about Fortnite skins is that they come in both genders. The everygirls will always play as female characters – whether that’s because they want to, they old-fashionedly think it’ll protect them or just like butts, who knows?

Always when a girl is moving around, some players may think is that really a girl? Fact is, a lot of girls do actually play Battle Royale! But you will only find out if you hear the female voice in the voice chat! 😀
There are many fakers who tell you to be female! Some of the Fortnite girls are really into the game and even do Fortnite cosplay!

What is your Fornite Battle Royale player role?
After all that, who do you think you are in the world of Fortnite? 😀
Did I miss an important Fortnite player role? lama

Leave a comment and let me know!

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What is your fortnite player role
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3 years ago

i am the skin junkie

5 years ago

Im none of these but nice lUL

5 years ago

I am the Screenshot Saver xD