Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass Guide – Worlds Collide Update

Welcome to the Fortnite Battle Pass Season 5 guide page! dia

1. Fortnite Season 5 Start & End date:

battlepass-icon Fortnite Battle Pass Season 5:

Season Start12.07.2018
Season End27.09.2018
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2. The Battle Pass Season 5 Price – what does the Battle Pass cost?

battlepass-icon Free Pass100% Free
battlepass-icon Battle Passvcoin 950 V-Bucks
battlepass-icon Battle Bundlevcoin 2800 V-Bucks

3. Battle Pass Season 5 Guide:

Fortnite Battle Pass Season 5 is full of new features! The main topic is called “Worlds Collide”. The story goes on and the superheroes of Season 4 are spawning and with that some objects from the islands have been summoned!

4. What is new in Fortnite Season 5?

  • OMG 130 New Cosmetic items. Find all of them in the Cash Shop.
  • New Areas The Fortnite Map has been updated with cool new areas.
  • Download package Epic Games supports the Community Creators with a cool download package with PNGs and PSDs!

Fortnite Season 5 Map Changes:

The Battle Pass 5 update contains cool new Fortnite Map changes! The Desert outpost, Paradise Palms, Lazy Links and more new places where players can teleport to have been updated!Fortnite Season 5 Map

Checkout Moisty Mire, a desert output which is filled with loot and new stuff!
Season 5 Battle Pass Desert Outpost

Fornite Battle Pass Season 5 Guide:

  • Visit the new Season 5 areas and find a lot of loot! But be careful, many players will visit the places. 😉
  • Don’t be too offensive, only take a fight if you are ready and if you got good equipment!
  • Always build and learn to build fast, it is the key to the Victory Royale!

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