Fortnite Battle Pass Season 2

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1. Fortnite Season 2 Start & End date:

battlepass-icon Fortnite Battle Pass Season 2:

Season Start14.12.2018
Season End21.02.2018
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2. The Battle Pass Season 2 Price – what does the Battle Pass cost?

battlepass-icon Battle Passvcoin 1800 V-Bucks
battlepass-icon Battle Pass (SALE)vcoin 950 V-Bucks

3. What is new in Fortnite Season 2?

  • OMG Fortnite Season 2 was the first season that brought the Battle Pass into the game and it replaced the Seasons Shop.
  • OMG The Season 2 was focused on the first big Skin presentation – 11 new items have been released that players were able to collect.
  • OMG This update included the first big Fortnite map change/expansion.
  • OMG 70 Tiers with rewards.

4. Fortnite Battle Pass 2 Guide

The Daily Challenges are the key to level up the Battle Pass in Season 2. Always check what the next mission is and concentrate to complete the mission fast. Like that you will get a high tier in no time. The cool thing about the Battle Pass Season 2 is, that all players get 5 free levels for the start of Battle Pass Season 3!

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