The Best Game Skin and Item Trading Websites

#1SkinBay Top Trading WebsiteSkin Bay
5/5Skin & Item Trading: Top Trading platform for CS:GO, Dota 2, Rust, Team Fortress 2 and Z1 Battle Royale. 100% safe to use.
Simply link your Steam account to sell and buy skins easily for top prices.

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#2CS Money Trading WesbsiteCS Money
4.8/5Skin & Item Trading: CS Money is the most simple site to make money fast.
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#3Hellcase CSGO Items and SkinsHellcase
4.5/5Skin & Item Trading: Top item & skin trading website for CS:GO and Dota 2.
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#4Skincashier get Money for SkinsSkin Cashier
4.4/5Skin & Item Trading: Skincashier is focussed on CS:GO only and offers a great bonus.
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#5CSGO Roll Item GamblingCS:GO Roll
4.1/5Skin & Item Trading: On CS:GO roll you unbox special chests & play roulette for skins.
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Trading Site Reviews:

For detailled reviews and a guide how to signup, choose one of our tutorials:

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Which Trading Websites are the Best?

  • Skin Bay:

    Skinport Website
    Top recommended trading site, Skin Bay is also called Skinport and is superfast and has the biggest pool of items. Sign up & get money for skins fast and buy the best skins for your in-game equipment. You can also find a detailled guide how to sign up for SkinBay here.
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  • CS Money:

    CS Money CSGO Skin Trading
    CS Money is the fastest way to sell your Steam inventory and to get real money for it. Simply link your Steam account and choose which items you want to sell.
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  • Hellcase:

    Hellcase item buying and trading
    Hellcase is a typical trading site for Dota 2 and CS:GO, which can offer great deals.
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  • Skin Cashier:

    Skincashier Sell Steam Inventory
    Skincashier is a newcomer and makes it also very easy to sell your Steam inventory to get real money. Try it our and get cash in minutes.
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  • CS:GO Roll:

    CSGO Roll Unboxing Chests
    CSGO Roll is the most fancy site, you can unbox self creates boxes of skins and play roulette with cash. It’s fun to play and a fresh new style of getting more items.
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What are Skin Trading Sites for?

Trading websites are marketplaces that allow trading in-game items of games like Dota 2 or CS:GO super fast. The Steam marketplace is a bit limited and slow in its function and the commission is quite high that Steam is taking out. Moreover, some of the trading platforms allow us to make real money by adding the possibility to cash out through PayPal and other payment providers.
On a platform like Skinbay, you can sell and buy skins super fast and it’s so much fun to be part of the market and to deal with the in-game inventory.

What is Item Trading in Online Games?

Trading in online games means to move items from one account to another or to a platform, for the interchange of other items or real money. On trading platforms, it’s also possible to deal with a virtual currency instead of real money.
The most online e-sport game titles are free to play nowadays. These game titles make the money through in-game items and skins. These items can have an extremely high value and therefore the item trading marketing places rise and get really famous.

How to sell Skins for Real Money?

To sell your skins and inventory for real money follow these steps:

  • Go to the Skinbay Website and click on the Signup button in the upper right corner.
    Register on Skinbay
  • Create a new account, I recommend to use the Steam login, so that it will be easier later to integrate your inventory into SkinBay.
    Login with Steam
  • To proceed you need to confirm your email adress first.
    Confirm Email Address
  • Now you are successfully logged in. To add your inventory click on “sell” in the upper right corner.
    How to Sell CSGO Skins
  • To connect your Steam inventory, click on enter Steam trade url and follow the instructions. In the instructions you will find a link where you can copy your Steam trade link.
    Enter Steam Trade URL
  • Afterwards, your CS:GO inventory is integrated into SkinBay and you can start selling your items for real money.
    CSGO Inventory
  • If you want to buy CS:GO skins on the SkinBay market, click on the “market” button in the upper left corner.
    Buy CSGO Skins
  • That’s it! Have fun trading. 🙂

Is Skin Trading Safe?

Whenever you start trading with items on third party websites, make sure that they are secure. By using our list here you can be sure that these websites are safe and trustworthy. In-game items and skins are like real money and everyone has to be careful. On sites like CS Money or Skinbay, you can buy and sell super secure without any problems.