Rivalry Review & Guide How to Sign Up with a Bonus Code?

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E-Sport Titles To Bet On:CS:GO, Dota 2, LOL, COD, Overwatch, Starcraft 2

Rivalry Step by Step Guide to Easily Signup:

  • Click on the the button to view the Rivalry website.
  • Sign up with your email and verify the email in your email box.
  • Now click in the upper right corner onto "deposit" and add for example $10 with your desired payment method. The bonus will be automatically applied if you sign up over our link.
  • After the successfull deposit, make your first bet, by clicking onto a match odd and hit the "place bet" button in the bottom right corner. That's it! 🙂

Grab Your Bonus and Sign up

What is Rivalry?

Rivalry is a super modern e-sport betting website with a lot of features which the other bookmakers don't have.
Rivalry ScreenshotOn Rivalry you can bet on e-sport game titles just like CS:GO. To do so, real money has to be added to the account on Rivalry and then the money can be placed on wagerings.

Bet on CS:GO pro teams and the outcoming winner to win or lose money through your game knowledge and experience. Rivalry is offering a lot of betting options and you can watch the live stream while betting.

How can I Bet on Rivalry?

Rivalry Website
To get started, click on the link and signup on Rivalry:
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To bet on CS:GO matches on Rivalry click in the left side menu onto the Counterstrike button:
Rivalry Counterstrike Bets
In this category you can find all of the CS:GO matches. To bet on a CS:GO match on Rivalry simply click on the odd number and choose your desired bets.
Counterstrike CSGO Esport Betting
To complete the bet click on the orange button in the bottom right corner called "place bets". The good thing about Rivalry is that it is very clean and simple to use, it is reduced to betting and there is not much more that could distract you.

How to get a Bonus Code for Rivalry?

Rivalry is special, they offer a "VIP program" that allows new customers to pay up to 350$/€ to get VIP status. In this VIP program, you have betting missions that you can complete. This makes Rivarly completely different from the other betting sites and is very demanding and fun to play.

What can I bet and play on Rivalry?

The top e-sport games are covered on Rivalry but not the small ones. You can bet on CS:GO, Overwatch, Dota 2, League of Legends and Call of Duty.

What are the Rivalry Odds?

On Rivalry you get a great value for your e-sport bets, just try it out, the odds seem to be fair.

It is a really new brand and they have to offer something great, but while playing the website was fun to use and often had slightly higher odds compared to the other e-sport competitor websites. 😉

Is Rivalry Safe to Deposit Money?

Rivalry has an official gambling license and wants to secure customer protection. The site is safe to use and has a very transparent payment process.

Grab your Rivalry Bonus Now and Signup:

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