Mechanical Keyboards – Are They Perfect for Gamers?

Even though we can argue and say it’s a matter of personal preference, there are several reasons why most people opt for mechanical keyboards, not only gamers. Thus, we’ll discuss these factors, and why they make mechanical keyboards perfect for gamers. In addition, we’ll mention the possible cons of the mechanical keyboards.

Pros of Mechanical Keyboards

Gamers prefer mechanical keyboards because of their key switches, the typing experience they provide, specific tactile feedback, durability, special features and customisation. We’ll describe every aspect of this to give our readers a better perspective on this topic.

Typing Experience

This is the most attractive element of the keyboard. Thanks to the materials from which it’s constructed, it provides the most comfortable typing experience. Also, mechanical keyboards provide tactile feedback and audible clicks, allowing their users to be certain that they pressed the keys precisely. For example, imagine playing roulette, and your keyboard is stuck, and it doesn’t send the wanted input, and you face a game loss. That’s why having such a keyboard means a lot.

Variety of Keyboard Switches

Another element of mechanical keyboards that attracts gamers is the option to choose the type of keyboard switch. They differ in colour but also in the level of tactile feedback, actuation force and audibility of clicking. According to these differences, there are three types of switches, and they are linear, tactile and clicky switches.
In other words, the main difference between them refers to whether they produce sounds and bumps while pressing. Linear provides rather smooth typing without sounds and bumps, while on the other hand, the clicky switches provide quite audible clicking sounds (that’s how they got their name) and deep bumps. Tactile switches are in between those two. They produce sound but not as audible as clicky ones.

Stability and Endurance

The third thing that gamers like about is that mechanical keyboards are stable, firm, and endure long hours of gaming. This is crucial because we all know how we can get passionate when gaming. No one likes their keyboard falling apart during the game or at work.

Special Features

Special features may vary from keyboard to keyboard, but every mechanical one includes a n-key rollover feature. This feature enables pressing multiple keys at the same time without causing any disruptions. However, those with limited key rollovers come with anti-ghosting, an option that blocks the keys when pressed more than allowed.
Another special feature is the polling rate which affects keyboard performance. The higher the rate is, the more accurate and precise our input would be. It’s measured in hertz(Hz). As a comparison, polling rates in membrane keyboards are 125 Hz and 250 Hz, while in mechanical ones, it reaches 1000 Hz.


The fifth attractive element of mechanical keyboards is easy customization. The price of making a keyboard personal depends on to what extent we want to personalise our keyboard.
This refers to choosing the size and colours of keycaps and RGB lightning. Those who want it can turn their boring, black keyboards into vivid keyboards, with printed images all over the keyboard.

Cons of Mechanical Keyboards

There are just a few cons of the mechanical keyboards that don’t affect the quality of gameplay, but they are rather personal preferences.


Some mechanical keyboards may produce sounds when pressing keys. Well, some gamers enjoy that sound, but what about people around the gamers? That sound can be irritable to some people.


Well, high-quality mechanical keyboards are expensive. The cost also depends on whether its user wants to personify it. However, their quality justifies their price. Nowadays, there are some affordable mechanical keyboards.

Perfect for Gamers

To sum up, all that has been said, these mechanical keyboards come in various sizes, with various switches, special features and options for customisation. Being like that, they’re perfect for gamers. What type of mechanical keyboard one’ll buy, is of personal choice.