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The Best Chairs for your Gaming Room

Gaming Chair Buying Guide:

No matter if you are facing a clan war, training, public gaming or are just chilling. Every gamer knows that the hours in front of the computer can pass by frantically – on what you are sitting makes a difference!

There are many symptoms that your body sends out when a gaming session lasts for a long time. 😉 Your thighs pinch, your back starts to hurt or whole limbs fall asleep.

Here are the facts:
The average gamer is about 28 years old, which means he still has about 50-60 years to go.
If you are even younger, you have some more years ahead of you, which should be painless.
So, take care of your body by playing on a comfortable gaming chair! Invest in your future and consider a gaming chair, which one do you like the most?

What are the Top 5 Gaming Chairs?

.Best Gaming Chair DX RacerDX Racer 1• Top Bestseller #1
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• Great Comfort, Cool Look
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.GT Player Blue ChairGT Player Blue• Bestseller #2
• Cool Look
• Ergonmic
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.UMI Gaming Chair Best PriceUMI Gaming Chair• Great Comfort
• Fair Price
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.Klim E-Sports Gaming ChairKLIM E-Sports Chair• Premium Material
• Ergonomic
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.Sharkoon Gaming ChairSharkoon Skiller• Many Different Colors
• XXL Comfort
• Ergonomic
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What is Important to Know Before Buying a Gaming Chair?

If you decided to buy a new gaming chair for relaxed and comfortable gaming, you should decide what you want to focus on. There are many variations of gaming chairs. Here are the most important aspects to find the perfect gaming chair for you. 🙂

  • Ergonomic Properties of a Gaming Chair:

    Gaming Chair ComfortThe ergonomic style and that the chair fits to your body is essential to feel comfortable on a gaming chair. Unfortunately, this can’t be tested before ordering and building the chair, therefore it’s so important to have recommendations and advice. By choosing a gaming chair from the top list will reduce your risk.
    You should consider what kind of upholstery, armrests, suspensions, or back protectors have been used. Gaming Chair Body SupportSitting for long periods of time strains the body’s muscles, because even normal sitting requires the strength of the muscles. Without thinking, the body looks for a relaxed position, for example by leaning on the elbows.

    Ergonomic chairs should support the body and relieve it of load.

  • Soft or Hard Chair Cushion?

    For a perfect sitting experience on a gaming chair, freedom of movement is very important. Freedom of movement can be restricted by upholstery that is too soft. If you sink into padding that is too soft, the air can no longer flow through and you start to sweat a lot. The problem of upholstery that is too hard, which could make the backrest feel uncomfortable, is more serious when it comes to the seat. After sitting for a longer period of time, pain can occur, which is caused by incorrect pressure distribution on the buttocks. It is advisable to adopt different sitting positions anyway. 🙂

    The body weight is a factor that influences the choice. Heavier persons need harder padding than light ones. The harder upholstery is recommended because it stimulates the back muscles and thus strengthens the muscles in the long term. The upholstery of the backrest should be ergonomically shaped and thus support the back when sitting so that an optimal posture of the spine can be guaranteed.
    The Gaming Chair should be equipped with upholstery which allows moisture released by the body to pass on or evaporate. Therefore the upholstery must be breathable.

  • Flexibility & Freedom of Movement:

    Since the chair is intended for gaming, freedom of movement is of great importance. If a sitting position becomes uncomfortable, it should not make it difficult to change position or to stand up.

  • The Gaming Chair Design:

    Colors and appearance can motivate or demotivate you. It just feels good to sit on your throne, which is designed in your favorite colors and with motifs you like. At the end the most gaming chairs are chosen by gamers because of the visual style, size, and color.

  • The Gaming Chair Extras:

    In today’s world, there is almost nothing that is not available, whether built-in music boxes, massage functionalities, USB ports, or headsets.