Dota Edge

Dota Edge is a great simple tool to get assistance in making a good pick!

The Tool Dota Edge works fast with a few clicks. This is good because you can use it directly within a game. You can do it in -cm Captains Mode or even in a normal -ap All Pick Public Game. Enjoy! 😉

1. Choose Dota 2 Heroes

When the Game started and some enemies picked, just select these Heroes on Dota Edge and see the best Counterpicks. Here I picked Slark and Void, because sometimes it sucks playing against them. 😳

2. Get the Dota Edge Counter Picks

Then Dota Edge outputs the greatest Counters and the the best Counters following.
As you can see, Slardar, Tiny, Chaosknight and Axe would be nice to have picks! But also the other like Bloodseeker, Doom etc. would be good. 😉

Using Dota Edge and picking wise Heroes in a Team can uplift your Account and Win Percentage! If you are wise too, you can submit a good Anti Pick in the Footer of Dota Edge. Have Fun Winning. 😎

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