CS GO Weapons

Overview for CS GO Weapons and Sprays:

What is important to know about CS GO Weapons?

CS GO weapons make the most important part in the game. If you master the CS GO weapons through guides and configs you get better results in matchmaking and ranking games!

Important to know about Counterstrike Global Offensive weapons:

  • What is the Weapon price and how much money gives each new kill with it?
  • What is the best time to buy a weapon and what is it’s tactical usage?
  • The recoil behaviour and spray pattern of a weapon.
  • A look onto what is the best way to train CS GO Weapons?

Basics about the CS GO Weapons:

In total there are 34 weapons in CS GO: Every player can carry 3 weapons: a primary, a secondary and a melee weapon – the knife. At the start of each round every player has a knife and a teambased pistol.
If you did not die in the last round your primary and secondary weapon is still equiped. In the buying menu you can get new weapons for earned money. With CS GO Buyscripts you can quickly buy previously configured equipments for a faster usage.

Inside the game you can pickup dropped weapons, you can follow the weapon ranking to decide which weapon is the best for each situation. For the most weapons are different skins on the market. With the key F you can inspect the CS GO Weapon.

How to aim better with CS GO Weapons?

At some point you have do decide if it is time to improve your weapon skills or not. With weapon skills you will be able to climb up the rankings in the CS GO matchmaking system.
Basic steps for a better weapon aiming:

  • Use the right CS GO weapons for each tactical situation.
  • Adjust your aiming for every single weapon and learn how to use it correctly.
  • To learn faster, choose your favorite weapons and try to master them before using too many.
  • Analyse the srpay and recoil behaviour of your favorite weapons.
  • Configure your CS GO crosshair settings.
  • Play training maps and use only one weapon for hours.

CS GO Economy & Money system

CS GO Weapon Guide & Tips:

When it comes to weapons in CS GO, there are so many different things to look at.
The main advice is, to get full control over a weapon:

  • You must feel the weapon and learn which execution will lead to which accuracy.
  • It is important to not panic in fighting situations.
  • It is necessary to learn, which spray and which single shots are the best decision to make.

You have two options now:

  • The smart guy has a closer look on the weapon behaviour, takes a few hours and tries to improve the crosshair recoil control of his favorite weapons. Like this he can improve a lot in a short duration of time.
  • The nobrain gamer is a player type that just plays and plays. Through hundreds of hours he gets more and more control over the weapons and maps. Like this the improvements are much slower and there is a high risk to stay on the same level for years. Do you remain static in your rank, or know people who does? The CS GO weapon control can be a high value factor for this.

This page gives you a nice overview for all CS GO weapons and helps to clarify things compressed and with quick tips. Read the CS GO weapon guides to get better and better!

Advanced CS GO Weapon Guides:

CS GO Weapon Main Attributes:

Here are the main attritutes that you should know about weapons:

DamageDamage is the main attribute, that you can deal to the enemy. Every CS GO weapon makes different damage and it depends on the enemy hitbox, the damage dropoff, the effects of bullet penetration and the armor. If friendly fire is on, you even can hit team mates.
HitscanIf a weapon is fired Counterstrike instantly calculates the landing position in the game to check if the bullet hits the target or not. CS GO Weapons have a damage dropoff, this means with a bigger distance the final damage dealt to the enemy is lower. If the target is too far, the damage can go down to zero.
Rate of FireThe CycleTime which is saved in the gamefiles determines the time between two shots. Each weapon has a unique rate of fire, inspired by the real weapons.
AmmunitionEach weapon needs ammunition to fire and to be reloaded if it’s get empty.
RecoilEach weapon has it’s own recoil behavior, which moves away from the original crosshair position massively. The player has a high impact and his actions determine the recoil effect.
InnacuracyEvery weapon has an amount of inaccuracy for a more natural feeling.
Bullet penetrationBullets can reach their target directly through specific surfaces like thin doors. They do lower damage depending on the surface.
AimpunchWhen a player got hit, his body moves upwards, which shows the effects of the injury and that his crosshair will be disoriented for a short time. This is called the aimpunch, which can be reduced by kevlar wests and a helmet.
TaggingTagging means that bullets slow down a target, the amount that it got slowed is called wielding.
TracersTracers get fired along with the bullets and create some flashing lights, which is important for other players and for the target to determine the origin and the position of the shots. Every weapon has different fire tracers.
Extra FeaturesIn CS GO some weapons have special features. For example the Famas has a burst mode, the AUG has a scope and the M4A1-S has a silencer!

We hope the CS GO weapon guides help you – stay tuned and improve your gameplay today!