CS GO Tools

CS GO Tools, Statistics & Exentensions:

What are CS GO Tools?

CS GO tools allow to configure the game the way you need it. The default settings in Counterstrike Global Offensive are not bad, they have a config that is quite okay, but everyone has different pheriphal devices like the gaming keyboard, mouse and monitor. Furthermore every player has a different behaviour to shoot, move and react as well as a different reaction time and personal circumstances. With CS GO tools you can configure the game so that it fits perfectly to your needs.

There are two kinds of CS GO tools:

  • Tools that help with the ingame settings, for example a CS GO crosshair generator or specific console commands.
  • External tools that help to compare data, like CS GO statstics, leagues, tournaments or coverage and skin trading platforms.

Useful Steam Name Changer Tool:

CS GO Tools & useful Websites

This page is a useful list for all CS GO players!
Here are all of the links listed that you need as a CS GO crack! Please help to complete the list and make a comment what you want to see in this list or if there is a broken link!

CS GO Statistic Tools

For the statistics in CS GO there is one big player on the market called CSGO STATS.
On the well structured csgo-stats.com website, players can crawl any stats with a fast output for the most important numbers and results. You can check your own CS GO statistics or compare it with the stats of another player for example your friends. (to show them how bad they are xD ) These stats concentrate on what is important to rankup in CS GO, like the KDA, MVPs and so on.

CS GO External Config Tools

  • Check the Crosshair Generator for a quick or read our CS GO crosshair tutorial.
  • The CS GO demo manager is a tool with a lot of features to analyse single matches and the players.
    Download the tool for free on CS GO Demos.
  • Find more various config tools for CS GO on Gamebanana (Like a automatic game accepter or a knife changer).

Tools for Competitive CS GO

  • On Reddit there is an awesome section, for all who are searching a CS GO team, or who search more players for their team with different roles in CS GO matches. You can also search mentors, there have been some issues with the Valve staff if this is okay or not.
  • A great CS GO tool is the matchmaking server picker. You can choose on which CS GO servers you want to play and you can block for example russian servers or from a specific country. The CS GO matchmaking tool is well trusted and safe for Steam. Download it here.
  • On Stratuga you can create and read CS GO strategies. Awesome if you have a team and need CS GO tactics!
  • There are some solutions to check if a player got any Steam VAC entries. Streamrep is a good tool for that, the other sites are down often.

CS GO Fun Tools & Steam Tools

  • Colored name tags for CS GO can be found in this google spreadsheet. You can display for example that a vote is passed or that it failed and more automatic messages.
  • The Steamdown checker is a well known tool to check if Steam is down or if your personal connection is the problem. 😀
  • Train your reaction time for CS GO with reaction tests! 😀 It is a great thing do get better and to kill time while waiting for a game.

CS GO Coverage & E-Sport Tools

  • An awesome place to inhalate CS GO coverage is of course Twitch CS GO. There are so many great players from different countries. It is an amazing place to learn the game from the pros, watch high level tournaments with real commentators and so on. You can also create your own stream.
  • Another CS GO ressource is HLTV.org a popular CS GO community, where you can find the next scheduled CS GO matches and tournaments. A great overview for all of the events.

Useful CS GO Tools

With CS GO tools you can get better in the game and optimize your playstyle. Check the list above to find out which tools match your intention. The tools are made to help and can be really effective! Some CS GO tools should be used by every player, like the console or the statistics. But also CS GO tools for skins are really popular. You can even make money with CS GO skins if you are a good trader. With the team finder you can search for other players and clans based on countries and skill levels!

Step up your game and try out the tools you need!