CS GO Skins

Tutorial & How to get CS GO Skins & Trading Guides!

What are CS GO Skins and how to get them?

CS GO skins are cosmetic differences between weapons. The default weapons look straight and normal just as the weapon is, the skins can make the weapon extremely colorful and unique. There are different sets and styles and each of them has a different price. Rare skins can be really expensive and many CS GO players pay a lot of money for them.

  • How can I get CS GO skins?
  • What are the differences between rarity, quality and what are the skin collections?
  • How can I trade CS GO skins and earn money?

Ultimate Skins & Trading Tutorial:

1. Basics about CS GO skins

CS GO Skins

What are CS GO skins?
Counterstrike Global Offensive has a lot of different weapons to use, the skins are are copies with a different look for each weapon. The weapons are completely the same in the usage and the damage is the same, the skins are just comsmetic adaptions.
The CS GO skins are on the market since the Arms Deal update and the quality and rarity defines the price value of the skin. Let’s check this in detail!

How to get CS GO skins?
You have three options to get CS GO skins:

  • 1. Just play CS GO on official Valve servers with VAC enabled (all gamemodes). Like that you get the chance to get an amount of CS GO drops every week. The CS GO drop timer resets every week. Sometimes you get a CS GO case, to open these you need a key from the CS GO store or the marketplace.
  • 2. Players can also buy CS GO cases. CS GO cases have the possibility to contain extremely rare skins, which can’t drop after games.
  • 3. Players can trade with others and buy stuff from the marketplace trough the Steam trading interface to get skins.

2. CS GO Skin collections & Weapon Quality

CS GO Skin Quality and Rarity
The Arms Deals Update
The Arms Deal update brought the skins into CS GO! It allows players to collect, buy and sell decorated weapons which can be equiped ingame. This update made Counterstrike Global Offensive much more interesting for all of the players and gave Valve the possibility to monetize the community.
A big CS GO skin hype started and this was the beginning of the story. Players love CS GO skins and are willingly to pay alot for rare skins! The update was awesome and successful! The Arms Deal also added weapon cases, which have to be opened with keys. Keys can only be bought inside CS GO. The Arms Deal update also came along with the new silenced CT weapons M4A1-S and USP-S.

The skin Collections
Here are the CS GO skin collections:

  • The Assault Collection
  • The Office Collection
  • The Nuke Collection
  • The Militia Collection
  • The Inferno Collection
  • The Vertigo Collection
  • The Aztec Collection
  • The Dust Collection
  • The eSports 2013 Collection
  • The Arms Deal Collection
  • The Dust 2 Collection
  • The Italy Collection
  • The Lake Collection
  • The Mirage Collection
  • The Safehouse Collection
  • The Train Collection

Some of the collections are outdated, but of course the skins can still be traded and players can buy them on the market. For new updates and features Valve now always launches a CS GO collection together with the update.

Item Quality
CS GO weapon skins got different levels of quality, which defines the look of the weapon. When a weapon drops a random quality level is assigned to it, a higher quality leads to a higher price. The quality does not change after time, which many player think. The quality level stay always the same.

The CS GO quality levels:

  • Battle-Scarred
  • Well-Worn
  • Field-Tested
  • Minimal Wear
  • Factory New

Item Rarerity
Here is the CS GO rarity list (from common to extremely rare):

Consumer gradeWhite
Industrial gradeLight Blue
Mil-specDarker Blue
ClassifiedPinkish Purple
Exceedingly RareGold
ContrabandLight Orange

CS GO Contraband items are a special type of skins and can’t be obtained anymore. The design was stolen from a designer on Deviant Art and had to be removed ingame.

Statrack Weapons
StatTrack weapons have number on the weapon and track the kills that a player makes with it. StatTrack is a value that comes on top of a CS GO skin and makes it even more rare!

  • StatTrack skins can’t be dropped – you have to open a case or buy one the market.
  • Ingame: StatTrack weapons only work for the owner! If a player picks up a StatTrack from another player, the number will just show an error.
  • Ingame: Only multiplayer kills count for the StatTrack, no bot kills.

CS GO Skin Name Tags & Custom Skins
With name tags players can make weapons individual trough custom names. You can give a weapon any name and inside a game while wearing that weapon other players can see the name. The name gets engraved on the weapon, to get a name tag players have to buy one in the shop!
In the workshop players can also upload self created skins, they have to be presented in a spot light. Valve always checks the skins and implements the best user created skins into CS GO.

3. CS GO Cases and Keys

CS GO Keys and CasesCS GO cases are a box with a fixed set of weapons. If you open the case you get a random weapon of that set! In the description of the case the weapons are listed. CS GO players love to open cases and hope for a rare knife!
To open a CS GO case you need a key, which has to be bought ingame or on the market. Meanwhile there are also different keys for different cases! The keys are also important to support the CS GO esport scene and to fund big events. An amount of the key money is always added to the price pool of the CS GO tournament! If players buy a key they support the scene and help the game!

CS GO Cases

4. CS GO Skin Trading & Gambling

CS GO Trading

The Trade Up Contract (important to get good weapons)
The Trade Up Contract in CS GO makes it possible to combine 10 weapons and merge them to one weapon of the higher quality level! The Trade Up Contract item is an item inside the inventory and can be used anytime.

It is important to understand and use this item, the Trade Up Contract item is the reason why many players buy useless skins for 0.01! 😉 It is also a great way to empty the big amount of weapons inside the game, it cleans up the system!

CS GO Trading
Players can trade skins with each other and the market defines the price or at least the realistic amount for a good price. The rarity defines the price for a CS GO skin.

For CS GO traders it is important to find good and cheap offers and to reveal bad offers fast.

You can search inside your stream friendlist for items and if there is something that you want to have you can ask them if they want to trade. This is a simple way to get items fast, but it is limited since the friendlist is not endless. Of course it is good to make many friends and to have a big friendlist.
Another option to trade is to use a CS GO trading platform. There are different CS GO trading platforms that you can use. On these platforms you can reach a bigger audience and buy and sell CS GO items the easy way.
On skin trading websites it is important to get a high reputation, so that all know that you are no scammer. To get a high reputation start with small trades and then get higher and higher. Always be careful with traders that you don’t know!

If you want to go deeper, read our CS GO Trading guide.