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CS GO Patches & Game Updates.

CS GO Updates & Patches:

CS GO is getting updates and changes regularly. This is awesome, the game is quite old by now, but it is still active. Counterstrike Global Offensive is getting updates every few weeks with at least little changes or new maps. It is cool to see that the game development still optimizes the game to make it better.
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CS GO E-Sport Coverage

CS GO E-Sport Coverage

The e-sport scene of Counterstrike Global Offensive is big and allows big tournaments with big prize pools!
CS GO coverage and CS GO E-Sport news became popular, because many people love it to watch pro players on twitch and other streaming platforms.
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CS GO Coverage and Steam News:

Are there CS GO Updates, what is the changelog?
How to play the new CS GO maps and what are the tournament results?
On this page you can find gathered CS GO News about coverage, pro players and also steam news that are useful!
crown CS GO is one of the greatest first person shooter games! crown
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