CS GO Maps

CS GO Competitive and Community Maps tips:

How to win competitive CS GO Maps?

To win more CS GO maps you should take a look on your playstyle. Did you just choose all maps and press start to have a shorter waiting time? A good start is just to choose three of your favorite maps of the ranked game map pool and stick to them. Try to master these three maps and know every corner and every movement. Like this you can establish many positions in that you feel comfortable and your aiming will be much better in these situations. Try to master these three maps!

A perfect map overview is crucial to win CS GO matches!

Take a look on the radar maps / full map images to feel confident about every path and route of each map. Even better is to know the CS GO map callouts, like “middle”, “b” or “barrel”. These help a lot when using the voice chat with Discord, Teamspeak or ingame. These tips are the basics for a higher CS GO win percentage.

CS GO Map Callout List

CS GO map callouts are lists with the wording/official international names of specific areas on every map.
Map callout names are important for a fast voice commitment which everyone understands. crown All people online have to use the same vocabulary, so that every player on this planet knows what you are talking about. Some maps got some userbase fun names, but these images contain the official names:

CS GO Cache Map Callouts

CS GO Cache Callouts

CS GO Dust 2 Map Callouts

CS GO Dust 2 Callouts

CS GO Overpass Map Callouts

CS GO Overpass Callouts

CS GO Train Map Callouts

CS GO Train Callouts

CS GO Office Map Callouts

CS GO Office Callouts

CS GO Nuke Map Callouts

CS GO Nuke Callouts

CS GO Inferno Map Callouts

CS GO Inferno Callouts

CS GO Canals Map Callouts

CS GO Canals Callouts

CS GO Cobblestone Map Callouts

CS GO Cobblestone Callouts

CS GO Agency Map Callouts

CS GO Agency Callouts

CS GO Map Guide

CS GO maps are the main arena for the game, where the two teams called Terorrists and Counter-Terrorists meet, to fight against each other for the win. The map types can have different objectives, such as enemy elimination, bomb placing & defusing, or to rescue and protect hostages.

Map Evolution: In all the years the standart maps like dust, dust 2 and atztec got reworked, reskinned and they got more detail. In the past years Valve optimized the maps again and they look much better now and also included some layout changes. The changes improve the balancing of the two teams T/CT. crown

Counterstrike Global Offensive also has CS GO mapping and modding-support: This means the users are allowed to create new maps and publish them in the Steam Workshop. Very cool to see is that Valve is choosing the best CS GO community maps and add them to “Operations”. This makes the map playable in the ranked matchmaking for a time duration. Like this CS GO map developers can earn money each time the map is played! x33

1. CS GO Map Types

What are CS GO Map Types?
The CS GO map types classify the playstyle and goals, which objectives are key to win the map. To find them quickly inside the game, the CS GO map types have shortnames like “de_”, “cs_” or “ar_” which will be placed right before the map name, example: “de_dust” or “cs_office”.

Bomb defusal maps (de): CS GO bomb defusal maps or in short “de maps” are designed with defined bombspots. The terrorists team has to tactically reach a bombspot via pushing and rushing. When the bomb is planted, the Counter-Terrorists have 40 seconds to conquer the bombspot and defuse the bomb. If the bomb is not planted within 2 minutes, the round is succefully defended by the CT team.

Hostage rescue maps (cs): CS GO hostage rescue maps, also called cs maps turn the sides. In this scenario the terrorists have to defend their hostages, because the counter-terrorists have to get them free. The goal is to protect the hostages and take them out without damaging them.

Arsenal: Arms Race maps and Demolition maps (ar): CS GO Arms Race maps are team deathmatch maps. Players can not buy weapons, but have to make kills with every weapon to be the first with a final knife kill to win the game. CS GO Demolition maps have a bombspot like on bombdefusal maps but only one. The map is much smaller and kills and won rounds get rewarded with new weapons at the start of a new round.

Assassination (as)
CS GO Assasination maps have the objective to bring the VIPs to the extraction area with the counter-terrorist team.

Escape Maps (es)
On CS GO Escape Maps, the terrorist team has to escape from the counter-terrorist team.

Surf Maps (surf)
The CS GO surf maps are made for fun, with perfect timed sliding moves and mouse movement you have to jump through a parcour to reach the end as the first player.
Zombie Maps (zm)
The zm maps are CS GO Zombie Maps, it depends on the custom server how the game mode is set. Normally you can choose spells and get stronger with each kill.

2. CS GO Map Groups

What are CS GO Map Groups?
Valve has created map groups for CS GO to clarify Map Pools for a good usage in tournaments and missions.
The Active Duty & Reserve group contains official maps. The Operations group contains also community maps.

These are the CS GO map groups:

  • Dust II (Dust 2 got it’s own map group!!)
  • Active Duty Maps
  • Reserves
  • Defusal Group Delta
  • Defusal Group Sigma
  • Hostage
  • Operations
  • Arms Race
  • Demolition

3. Official CS GO Maps

Official CS GO maps are these maps that have been created by the official developer, they can be edited and optimized by community members.

4. Custom CS GO Maps

Custom CS GO maps are created by non official game developers or team members. They are created by the community. Most of the current official maps are based on community maps. This shows how important the map developer scene is for Counterstrike.

5. CS GO Operation Maps

Valve supports the most popularcustom maps and publishes them via CS GO Operations, like in the Operation Payback. An example of an operation map that got an official map is Cache.

CS GO Map Tips & Guides

To reach a higher win percentage on CS GO maps, try to follow these steps:

  • Play with a small map pool (2-4 maps) and master them.
  • Read about the CS GO Elo and Matchmaking.
  • Choose the right weapons for tactical moves on specific maps.

How can I play CS GO Maps?

To play CS GO Maps you have different options:

  • Play a ranked or normal match and choose your desired maps.
  • Choose the Gungame mode to play the official gungame maps.
  • Click on community servers and directly connect to a CS GO server, you will automatically download the current map.
  • Browse the Steam Workshop, download single maps and play them via single player, via LAN or on your own server.