Zeus x27 Guide

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, today we gonna talk about the best weapon in CS GO: The Zeus x27! 😀 Just kidding the Zeus is for most of all people just trash and not useful in any way!

The weapon is interesting and we need to put some light on it, so welcome to the CS GO Zeus guide!
Let’s find out if the weapon is worth it and how to use the Zeus x27 correctly to make save kills….

CS GO Zeus x27 Statistics

AK 47 StatisticsWeapons Overview
Magazine Capacity:1/0
Reload Time:
Movement Speed:220

Facts about the Zeus

The Zeus x27 has only shot before it is dropped automatically. It is a small taser that zaps out one deadly shot and is more a melee weapon like the knife than a real gun or pistol.
The range of the CS GO Zeus varies between 183 and 230 – shooting at a target standing in this range can kill it instantly. Just act as if your knife would have the double range or a bit more. But well, if the target stands at a distance over 230 the Zeus makes no damage at all!
These stats make the Zeus to an absolutely ridiculous weapon for a price of $200. Most of the time in CS GO ranked matches or on public servers, only trolls buy it or people who just waste the shot for fun.

…BUT if one player makes a kill with the Zeus he is the hero! 😀 crown Making a kill with the taser gains style points and respect! dia

CS GO Zeus Guide, Tips & Tricks

CS GO Zeus Tips & Tricks
How to use the Zeus effectively?

  • First of all, the Zeus can be bought at any time, where you are full equiped and got 16.000$ on the bank. The Zeus got a standalone slot and can be equipped as an extra weapon. So just add it to one of your Buyscripts for a maximum buy. It’s better to have it, than to not have it.
  • If you encounter a melee situation where your primary and secondary weapon runs empty, it is a good option to switch to the Zeus and make a controlled shot while the enemy is reloading!
  • In situations where you get directly behind an enemy, try to use the Zeus instead of the knife – there is nothing you will get for it, it is just for the style. It will surprise everyone in the game and makes fun of the killed guy.
  • When the enemy team is winning the round anyway, a Zeus kill can bring the enemy down before a real fight is starting. This is a high risk, but in some situations it can be smart to invest $200 for one try.
  • Make sure you get into the correct situation to be able to make a kill with the Zeus x27 at all, surprise the enemy behind walls and corners to directly hit him. Position yourself in really small areas like air ducts, vents and all of the spots on the map where it is nearly impossible to fail that shot. In open surfaces using the Zeus, when having other weapons loaded is just bullshit. If the one shot does not hit, your most likely dead.
  • Combined with a flashbang or a smoke grenade the Zeus can be effective.
  • The Zeus does not have a spray, the accuracy is 100% even if you jump around! Try to act like a ninja to reach your enemy and place the holy shot! crown

CS GO Zeus Wallpaper

Final words about the Zeus

Haters gonna hate I would say! 😀 I can tell you fore sure, it is a thing you can train to shoot better with the Zeus x27! And if you reach that you belong to the cool guys. Making a kill with a Zeus always feels so good and is like a drug! 😀

What do you think about the Zeus? Is it useless shit for trolls, or are you able to make kills with it from time to time?

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Love the Zeus x33 But im so bad 😀


“The Zeus does not have a spray, the accuracy is 100% even if you jump around!”

WRONG, the Zeus has movement inaccuracy !
but i jump anyways cus im cool…

– Overste alf “Professional ZEUSér”