CS GO Starter Config

To be able to play Counter-Strike Global Offensive on a good level, this simple CSGO starter config is a must-have for every player! If you do not have a game config yet, copy this one and your good to go! bizeps

What is the CS GO Starter Config for?

With this starter config you can define the main options of CS GO. They help to optimize CS GO to run more fluently but also give you the perfect initial setting to reach more in the game.

Just open the CS GO Properties in your Steam Library, choose “Set Launch Options…” and insert the commands.

If you need help with this, here is a step by step guide:
CS GO Console Tutorial.

Must-Have CS GO Starter Config

CS GO Starter Basic Config

Command Effect
-console Activates the Console – your main control set for everything.
-32bit Starts CS GO in 32bit mode.
-dxlevel 90 Starts CS GO with directx-version 9.0.
-novid Deactivates the video on game start.
-refresh 120 Forces the screen hertz value to 120.
-fps_max 128 The FPS Rate of 128 will give you a pleasent game experience.
-noborder Deactivates the outer border and increases the full screen area.

Here you can find everything you need for a good CS GO Crosshair config.

CS GO Starter Config Extras:

Here are some more commands for further changements. Take what you need. bizeps

Command Effect
-tickrate 128 Sets the tick rate to 128 when joining LAN Servers.
-noforcemaccel Deactivates Mouse speed-up.
-noforcemspd Uses the same Mouse speed as in your operation system (Windosws/OS).
-low Sets the CS GO Priority to low.
-high Sets the CS GO Priority to high.
-windowed Starts CS GO in Window mode.
-heapsize Sets more working storage of your PC for CS GO, this increases the FPS for a fluent game.

Enter the MB like this:
512MB = 393216
1GB = 786432
1,5GB = 1179648
2GB = 1572864
4 GB = 3145728

-heapsize 786432

Any Questions? Comment below! bizeps

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