CS GO Profile Ranks and Service Medals

Everything about the rofile Ranks & Service Medals:
What is important to know about the CS GO profile rank? What are CS GO Service Medals?
What is the best way to upgrade the CS GO profile rank fast? crown
Let’s see what works!

The profile ranks are an extra feature and are not the same as the CS GO skill ranks.

What is a CS GO Profile Rank?

CS GO Profile Screenshot Global EliteIn total it’s simple: Play games and earn XP for it, then you get rewards. These rewards are profile ranks! The actual rank will be displayed as an icon in the CS GO profile, in the main menu and also inside the game on the scoreboard. With the Bloodhound Operation update in 2015, CS GO enabled the profile ranks and insignias.
CS GO Scoreboard Profile Rank

Important to know:

  • CS GO profile ranks are extra medals and show that you are a practiced & experienced player, it shows for example that you are no smurf! The profile ranks need a lot of time to get, that means smurf players will not reach them fast…
  • To play ranked CS GO matches a player needs to have the Private Rank 2 or higher.
  • To play prime account matchmaking a player needs to have the Private Rank 21 or higher.
  • In total there are 40 profile ranks in CS GO.
  • If you reach the profile rank 40 you get the option to reset the level and start by rank 1. For that you get a CS GO Service Medal! dia

This is a service medal:
CS GO Profile Rank Service Medal

Here I got a service medal 2018:
CS GO Service Medal CongratulationsAfterwards the Service Medal is displayed in the small profile:
CS GO New Game Menu ProfileAs you can see after getting the Service Medal, my new rank is reseted to zero, now I am a Recruit Level 1 again! 😉

What are the CS GO Profile Ranks?

CS GO Profile RanksThe 40 CS GO profile ranks are separated into 15 profile rank groups. Each of the 40 profile ranks has it’s own icon that will be displayed in the CS GO profile. Every fourth level you will get a new title until you reach level 36 then there is a new title fore every level!

The CS GO profile ranks & titles:

13-16Master Sergeant
17-20Sergeant Major
36Brigadier General
37Major General
38Lieutenant General
40Global General

After reaching the maximum level, you can get endless additional rankups.
The CS GO profile rank icons:
CS GO Service Medals and Profile Ranks

CS GO profile rank icon groups:
The rank icons can be grouped into 4 categories:
CS GO Profile Rank Icon Groups

How to get XP to upgrade the CS GO Profile Rank?

CS GO How to get XPTo get a higher CS GO profile rank you need XP!
Are there fast and easy ways to get these XP?
Lets check that:

Which CS GO game mode gives how many XP?

Arms racescore x 1
Casualscore x 4
Competitive / Rankedwon round x 30
Deathmatchscore x 0.2
Demolitionscore x 2.5

That means you can earn XP by playing on official CS GO servers or by submitting Overwatch assessments.
The different game modes give a different experience boost, it depends on the team performance though.
The most played mode is the competitive ranked mode, in this mode you earn points for every won round!

CS GO Valve Rankup

With which game mode can I level up fast?
Valve is interested in measuring this equally and it’s true. Playing the different game modes, after 30 minutes you will always end up with around 360 XP! It depends on your performance though and can be lower or higher!

Extra infos for the CS GO profile XP:

  • Noobs / new players gain a XP boost to level up fast early.
  • You can also gain XP while playing CS GO missions.
  • The XP Bonus Boost gives an extra 5000 XP boost every week! It multiplies the earned experience.
  • If you play with bots, you will only get XP if you play with at least 1 human player.

CS GO Service Medals

The mission is clear: Reach the maximum level of 40 in Counterstrike Global Offensive!
Once you did that, you have the option to reset the profile rank. For resetting it, a player always gets a CS GO Service Medal! By doing this again you can upgrade the service medal and get a new color until the year is over!

CSGO Service Medals:

Year:Timeframe:Service Medals:
201527.5.2015 – 31.12.20152 levels
20161.1.2016 – 31.12.20167 levels
20171.1.2017 – 31.12.20177 levels
20181.1.2018 – 31.12.20186 levels

CS GO Service Medals 2018
CS GO Service Medals 2018

CS GO Service Medals 2015-2017
Counterstrike Global Offensive Service Medals 2015-2017

CSGO weapon drop

If you rankup you will get a one time in a week! This happens alway with the first level rankup within one week.

Final Words
Ever reached level 40? What is your CS GO profile rank?
If you have any questions comment below. 8)
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