CS GO Player Roles

All Counterstrike Global Player Roles:
A typical CS GO match takes place between 10 players in a 5vs5.
In a CS GO team, each of the five players has its’s own tactical role to comply!

Read here about:
1. The strategical player roles inside a CS GO team.
2. CS GO funny player roles (the whatsapper, the russian, the smurf, the rage kid & the troll).

Lets start…

Explanation of CS GO player roles:

CS GO Tactical Player RolesWhat would a professional CS GO team be without tactical and strategical distribution inside or even outside the team? It could not keep up with other professional teams at all! Every player in a team should have a mission or main task to fulfill to make the maximum out of a team and to win games. Successful CS GO e-sport teams have a clear CS GO player role assignment.

CS GO player roles are not set in stone, players can have mixed roles or mixed tasks and should always stay flexible. Some tasks belong together and it makes sense that one player combines these roles. Every CS GO matchup and even every round can force a different tactical behaviour which needs to directly release the correct role distribution.

It is important to know the own role inside a team, but also each role of the teammates. Of course, it should not be done too excessively – it is just an orientation which should help the team. If it is limiting players and is making them worse, teams can fail quickly – the roles should fit individually.

The Overkill:
The most of the CS GO teams just need a few roles, for example a leader/caller an AWPer and some riflers. If the team had more roles it would make things really complicated. Too many roles can confuse a team and make it slow and unflexible. Having 5 CS GO player roles inside one single team is in most of the cases an extreme Overkill and should not be executed. If one guy dies, someone else always have to take over that role if it is crucial to win the round. Think about that!

CS GO teams without player roles:
The extreme opposite are teams without any player roles: Everyone is making the calls, everyone is an AWPer or can use rifles. There are high class teams that are really playing like this, just put some globals into one team and let’s see what we get. Yes it can be successfull, but at some point a general role distribution is only helping and making things even better…

I am what I am:
Some guys just fall into player roles, because they like that role. Some just love to use the AWP or the rifle and some just love it to give commands. Beside from that always keep in mind that the roles should also match the skill level.
There is no point in giving a team mate a player role because he loves it, when he is totally shit in that role. xD We all know these guys, cmon. 😀 The player roles have to touch the skill level and to compete with the rest of the team!

What are the CS GO player roles?

Roles are endless and everyone could design or create a new role. The most of the CS GO player roles are organic and will be assigned to us based on our playstyle.
We gathered the most common CS GO player roles here to give you the perfect overview! Below you can find CS GO fun roles, which we all know from Pubs!

CS GO Player Role: The Leader & Strategy Caller

CS GO Player Role the LeaderThe leader in a CS GO team is the strategy caller, he announces the strategy for each round which determines the positions of all players. The positions for a CT and T team can be totally different and lead to different playstyles. The caller should have a really nice knowledge of the game of the maps and be great at communication.
The teammates have to stick to his rules and instructions or will actively damage the team success & spirit. The leader should know all the CS GO basic tips & tricks but also should have a professional mindset.

It is extremely important to have a leader, so that everyone is coordinated and will not run around randomly. It is important to have a plan, a tactic. Teams can be cheesy, offensive, passive and also make use of psychological effects to troll the enemy. You can play a bluff like in poker! Great strategy callers lead to the win!

CS GO Player Role: The Entry Fragger

CS GO Entry FraggerThe entry fragger is the first one in, he is agressive has a nice reaction time and can shoot precise.
The team that makes the first kill often wins in Counterstrike Global Offensive. The first kill is extremely important, having a good entry fragger is valuable and can break defensive, but also offensive teams!

CS GO Player Role: The Lurker

CS GO Player role lurkerThe lurker is an unpredictable player that keeps enemies on their toes. The lurker reads the rotations of the enemy and needs to have good game understanding. His positioning must be perfect, he will always rotate or anti rotate with the enemy team. He can be passive very long and is often a player that survives as the last person. His mission is to give the other players information about positions, he makes the use of sound and tries to find gaps, that teammates can make use of.

CS GO Player Role: The AWPer

CS GO player role awpThe AWPer uses the AWP like a magic stick, he is an awesome sniper and it is absolutely his best weapon. This sounds like you? Maybe you are an AWPer! The AWPer always gives backup for the entry fragger and for the riflers to help in the melee fights from far away! The other team mates always have to find all dropped AWPs to save him the weapon.

CS GO Player Role: The Rifler

CS GO Player Role The RiflerWhy is a rifler called a rifler? Because he is using a rifle! 😀 In the most teams good riflers are not just the idiot soldiers like it sounds, riflers are great players with skills for the strongest rifle weapons and can even be playmakers, support the entry fragger and react perfectly onto the commands of the leader.

Funny CS GO Player Roles on Public Servers

That’s all? No it’s not! xD Here are the most common public server player roles in CS GO! 😀

CS GO Player Role: The Whatsapper

CS GO Role WhatsapperThe whatsapp guy is always freaking afk. The whatsapper has a concentration like a gold fish.
When he dies he will check whatsapp, answer messages or even watch youtube tabbing out! Some whatsappers even lose the concentration while camping and just dream around, then check the cellphone.
Hey I got a new message? What is my bitch doing. 😀 How is the weather tomorrow? What would Shakespear say about this? Guys get some focus! Don’t join a game if you play half assed, cmon! xD

CS GO Player Role: The Russian

CS GO Player Role The RussianOh boy. The russian player! xD xD xD
This is not beeing a racist it is just…well you know the russians in CS GO. They are far beyond the troll level and just give a shit about you. They speak russian over voice no matter if someone is understanding them, he does not care. He loves to sing, to have a microphone from the first world war and talk like a drunk idiot.
Some CS GO russians even hate other russians for behaving like that and creating a bad reputation for fellow countrymans. Sometimes more than one troll russian accidentally meet in one game and will use the voice chat forever! Just lovely… xD

CS GO Player Role: The Smurf

CS GO Player Role SmurfWOW!!! The smurf destroyes another game by making it totally unbalanced.
A smurf plays far above his real skill level and is fragging the whole enemy team. A smurf often goes out of the match with 30 to 40 kills and won the map nearly alone.

Smurf players are cancer for all of the other players, while some like it to just getting carried and getting an easy win, most of the players hate it. A smurf has an extreme gap of the skill level to all of the other players in the match. We all know it! CS GO boosting platforms even make money with smurfing to boost noobs for money. buh

CS GO Player Role: The Troll

CS GO Troll PlayerWhat does the troll? He trolls, he ruins and creates fire behind him! We all know these guys, everyone of us did that one time. But some guys just love to see the world burning! 😀 Often good players who could have a much higher rank tend to be trolls, they are just choleric and their personal hate, unfullfillment in life and whatever is bringing them to that point where only trolling makes them happy! 😀

CS GO Player Role: The Rage Kid

CS GO Rage KidThe rage kid… well, everyone of us can be a rage kid. Some guys just tend to lose it very fast! xD Dude you had a bad shit? Is your life this bad, do you have to measure your personality inside a video game? What is wrong with you. xD Rage kids get out of control fast and just TILT!!! If they reached the point of tilt, everything is over! He will shit talk, flame and his concentration is flown away. At that point he is a damn loser, who will make the team lose eventually. Kick the dead weight out! 😀

Which CS GO player type are you?

That’s it! Do you agree with all of the CS GO player types and roles? ^^

Did we miss any player roles?

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