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Welcome to the Counterstrike CS GO Operation Hydra coin guide!
What is Operation Hydra and how can I easily upgrade the Hydra coins?

What is is Counterstrike CS GO Operation Hydra?

Operation Hydra is an extra section in Counterstrike CS GO covering specific missions, events, maps and game modes! Players can simply buy the Operation Hydra Pass, but some of the maps are playable for free!

CS GO Operation Hydra Events

The Operation Hydra events have three game modes: War Games, Wingman and Weapon Experts, the events rotate weekly! If you have an Operation Hydra Access Pass you can even earn XP and upgrade your Operation Hydra coin! The events give the opportunity to get a lot of XP, Operation Hydra stars and also to drop CS GO weapon skins!

Operation Hydra Coin

CS GO Operation Hydra CoinsHere are the Hydra coin levels and how to get them:

  • Bronze: Purchase the pass
  • Silver: Gather 5 stars
  • Gold: Gather 18 stars
  • Diamond: Gather 25 stars

To be able to gain event experience it is important to be a badge holder and to take part in the weekly rotations of the Hydra campaign modes. If you aim for the CS GO Operation Hydra Diamond coin, then you have to get every weekly star to get all 18 stars and in addition to that you have to complete all campaigns to get all of the 7 stars. This is the only way to reach the 25 Operation Hydra stars! crown

How to get the Operation Hydra Coin?
When you activate the Operation Hydra pass you get the Hydra coin (in your CS GO inventory).
You will start with the CS GO Hydra Bronze coin! To get the Hydra pass you have to buy it from the Steam Market or directly in CS GO.

Reasons to upgrade the Hydra Coin
The biggest intention of the most players who buy the Hydra pass is to level the coin and it is also really fun to do so. AND a very important fact is that you get many additional CS GO skin drops! dia

How to upgrade the Hydra coin in CS GO?

To be able to collect stars in Operation Hydra you have to understand the system:

  • Each played game gives Hydra Operation XP, like the profile rank XP!
  • Your first intention should be to complete 5 out of 7 Guardian stars to reach the Operation Hydra Silver coin! Play red missions early to gather a lot of Guardian XP.
  • Play a lot, the Hydra missions are not limited per day!
  • For every 2000 Operation XP you will get one star! Keep in mind that the XP is seperated into Guardian XP and Event XP!
  • If you complete all of the Hydra missions and earn a lot of Guardian XP, you can make a total of 7 stars!
  • To get Event XP play a lot of Hydra Events, to get all of the 18 stars!
  • The Event XP has a maxmimum of 2000 per week, that means a maxmimum of 1 star!
  • At least you can rank up a week later two times if you failed before!
  • Fact is in CS GO Operation Hydra there is no way to get the stars faster than other players: To level the CS GO Hydra coin, you have to play a lot and participate in many Events and play all of the missions.
  • If you are hard-working you can reach the Silver coin in 1 week, the Gold coin in 10 weeks and the Diamond coin in 17 weeks! dia

Operation Hydra Diamond Coin CS GO Inventory

What is your coin level?

What is your highest amount of stars? bling

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