CS GO New Panorama UI

The new CS GO Panorama Game Ui
CS GO made a major visual update of the CS GO menu look and feel for the first time since the game release in 2012. The new Interface was launched in the beta first and rolled out officially in june 2018.
The name of the new game UI (user interface) is called CS GO Panorama UI.

What does the CS GO Panorama look like? What is new, where can I find all the stuff now?

Let’s check that! crown

The new CS GO Panorama Ui

CS GO now does not look like a dusty old business tool for tax calculation anymore! xD xD xD
It was kind of ugly, cmon. 😀 Now it looks fresh and cool, like a real video game!

The whole menu in CS GO has been updated to give the user a completely new experience of interacting with Counterstrike Global Offensive. The new UI comes along with a few problems, it caused crashes for many players in the early stages but it is more stable now. Also for old PCs the Ui is not too great, CS GO needs more power now to run it with 100%. But a PC who can’t run that, should be replaced someday too like the old CS GO interface.

CS GO Choose a Team:
The CS GO choose a team section looks like this:
CS GO Panorama UI Choose Team AnimationCS GO Panorama UI CT Animation

The new CS GO Countdown:
This is the new CS GO countdown when you are searching a game. 😉
Search a game CS GO
Player Card with rank:
This is a player card of CS GO friends with the displayed rank:
CS GO Player Card

The new CS GO Game Panorama HUD

The default CS GO game menu with news and the new bars on the sides:
CS GO Panorama Ui New Menu

Start a game with the new CS GO Panorama Ui:
Play CS GO Panorama Ui

Choose a team before a game starts:
CS GO Panorama Ui Game Interface Teams

The new CS GO lobby area (right side):
CS GO Interface Panorama Profile

The new CS GO progamer coverage area:
Watch CS GO Streams Panorama

Searching a game with the new CS GO Panorama UI:
Panorama New Lobby Settings CS GO

CS GO Panorama Ui – What has changed?

The Panorama UI brings many new features to modernize CS GO:

  • The scoreboard has a new look and feel.
  • Panels are now reachable on the left side and each section comes out as a background, which is pretty cool.
  • CS GO demos now run on 64 tick servers (instead of 32).
  • Miscellaneos menu button fixes in the watch area and shop.
  • The HUD money panel has a background now and is controllable with a console command.
  • The radar for competitive maps in CS GO got huge improvements for a better navigation on the map.
  • HUD chat lines now look great now on all resolutions and does not line up on each other.
  • CS GO has a new font, did you see that? 😀 Reading text feels much better now!
  • Panorama crosshair style zero and one, matching the scaleform version.
  • Options to toggle caster features.
  • ADR does not filter out team damage now.
  • Overwatch suspect is not highlighted in scoreboard anymore.
  • The CS GO custom team logos work better again.

CS GO Panorama Custom Background Video

With the new CS GO Panorama interface it is possible to create a custom background video! 😀
Just replace the nuke.webm file in the CS GO folder and replace it with any video you want!
This is just awesome and gives endless individual possibilities to personalize the game!
CS GO Custom Background Video

CS GO Panorama UI opinion – do you like the new Interface?

What is your opinion about the CS GO Panorama UI? I think it was required since a long long time and will keep the game active for a longer time than without. It does not look like a boring grey tax software anymore! xD

Now it looks like a fun video game. What do you think?

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