MAG 7 Guide

The CS GO MAG-7 is an ultimate weapon for special moments. The MAG has a high damage output and can turn around a match round quickly.

Here you can find a guide about the MAG-7 in Counterstrike Global Offensive. The MAG-7 is a compact shotgun which is really cost effective. The CT side allows to buy this weapon for the price of $1800, this means it is a good choice for a counter-buy. If you lost the pistol round the next two rounds are probably eco rounds. But if you, or even the whole team is planning a counter-buy – the mac-7 can work miracles! bizeps

Let’s start…

CS GO MAG-7 Statistics

AK 47 StatisticsWeapons Overview
Magazine Capacity:5/32
Reload Time:2.4s
Movement Speed:225

MAG-7 Spray and Recoil

The MAG-7 is the most popular and most bought shotgun in CS GO.
When shooting at a close range the weapon is able to make instant kills!

This is the spray and recoil area of the MAG-7:
CS GO MAG-7 SprayCS GO MAG-7 Recoil

Even if the enemy is armored the MAG-7 has a great armor penetration and is able to bring the enemy down with one or two shots. The great thing about the MAG-7 is that is a lot more accurate than other shotguns and the weapon behaviour feels very comfortable. With the most shotguns you look like a silver 1 idiot, but with the MAG-7 you gain some style points! 😀

For every kill with the MAG-7 in CS GO you get rewarded with $900 in ranked matches.
This means you could even buy the MAG-7 if you are sure that you make at least one kill.

MAG-7 Guide, Tips & Tricks

CS GO MAG-7 Tips & Tricks

  • The MAG-7 has an extremely good accuracy with a higher damage than all of the other shotguns in CS GO. But it is not good for a direct combat. Try to peek behind walls and objectives to make deadly single shots. In a direct melee fight underlays the most weapons – if you do not make hard hits with the first two shots it means you are most likely dead. With the MAG-7 it is important not to make an all-in, use good positions instead to profit from the full magazine.
  • If your team lost the first round you could take the risk, with two kills you get the full money back (Counterstrike econmomy rules). A good strategy is to play completely alone and camp the full round, no matter if your team already lost, with a good camping position the MAG-7 delivers safe kills.
  • Only shoot at a short range, shooting at targets that are far away you do ridiculous damage and the spray is not calculable.
  • In contrast to other weapons it is a good idea to reload the MAG-7 after a kill. You have to hide anyway and you have much more potential to make another kill if you move back first, pause for a moment and go back in with full control.

CS GO MAG-7 Wallpaper

Here are some MAG-7 CS GO Wallpaper:

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Love the MAG7 on dust 2