CS GO all launch commands

Today I will show how you can get more control on your Counterstrike Global Offensive game client.

Good day CSGO friends! xhi Here you can find:

  • All available CSGO launch commands
  • Guide how to add CSGO launch commands

What are CSGO launch commands?

The CSGO launch commands for Steam allow to edit the start options of the CSGO game client. This means there are options that can’t be changed ingame/while the game is running and must be setup before.

Like this you can dramatically save performance and ensure a better stability. Furthermore it is necessary for a lot of tools that we all don’t want to miss – like the important CSGO console.

All CSGO launch commands:

A full list of commands, if you have any issues make a comment below.
= recommended
= can be useful, depends on your hardware & peripherals
= not recommended

-consoleThis will show the CSGO console right from start.
Tip: You also need to bind the console on a key in the ingame menu options, to be able to close and open it again. It is also helpful to see the echos from the autoexec right from start.
-novidThat’s simple: Who wants to see the CSGO loading video over and over again? No one, so disable it with this command to save you pressing enter a thousand times! xD
-tickrate 128The default value of the tickrate is 64. When starting bot or any offline game, this command allow you the optimal tickrate of 128.
Run the game in fullscreen, whatever happens.
You don’t need fullsize? Use -windowed for that, for a better usage define also -w and -h (width and height) to have the right dimensions.
-noborderIf you play in windowed mode also add -noborder to have no border in Windows.
-w XY
-width XY -h XY
-height XY
Specify a resolution for your window size, for example: 1920×1000 pixel.
-x XY
–horizontal XY
-y XY
-vertical XY
If you use window mode and noborder, it is possible to position the window to the center or any position you like with -x and -y.
-highThis forces the CSGO game client to run in high priority mode. This can be helpful for computers who struggle to ensure a good game performance in CSGO, it forces the computer to use more power for the game.
-language englishIf you want to use CSGO in english but your Steam account in another language, type -language english to force it!
-lv-lv stands for Low Violence version – more a fun mode: There is no blood and instead of dying, people lie on the ground with their hands on the face.
-refresh XY
-refreshrate XY
-freq XY
Check if your monitor has a maximum refreshrate that is higher than 60. If yes this commands forces the monitor to run a that specific refresh rate. This can be awesome test it! If NOT, don’t do it or you can damage your monitor heavily. Replace “XY” with your desired refresh rate.
-threads XYImprove your performance by adding a higher thread number – The number should match the number of your cpu cores.
+exec autoexecSometimes CSGO loads the configs in a wrong oder, to fix this add “host_writeconfig” at the end of your autoexec and set the accessibility to more than read only. The command overwrites any cvars in the config.cfg with the ones in the autoexec.cfg when executed. Don’t add+exec autoexec.cfg to your CSGO game launch options, because it is loaded before. This can be a solution to make your autoexec work correctly.
+clientport 27005Useful for LAN games. The default CSGO port is 27005, so when playing LAN there could be port conflictions when playing in the same network. To play with each other, use different ports.
-nojoyRemoves joystick support (can improve FPS).
-nod3d9ex1Makes alt+tab faster (can improve FPS).
+cl_forcepreload 1Preload Maps (can improve FPS).
-heapsize XYDefine the heapsize and replace XY with a number of kilobytes you want to use. This command is outdated and NOT recommended.
No effects since a few patches ago. Possible alternative: m_rawinput 1 and m_customaccel 0 try it out to maximize your mouse precision.

How to add CSGO launch commands to your client?

I created a simple step by step tutorial with screenshots for you. Like this everyone will be able to do this 😉

Step 1 & 2:
• Right click on Steam in your desktop tray in the bottom right corner and select steam library

Steam Tray Icon Screenshot

Step 3 & 4:
• Now right click on Counterstrike Global Offensive and choose the last option named properties

Steam Library CSGO Properties

Step 5:
• Click on “Set Launch Options”
CSGO Launch Options Screenshot

Step 6:
• Enter commands like listed below into the textfield, to add more than one command seperate them with a space. Afterwards click on “OK” and restart/start CSGO.
Set CSGO Launch Commands Screenshot

Which CSGO launch commands do I use?

I am using this:

-console -tickrate 128 -novid -high

What are you using?

Good shooting my friends! =P
– Kev

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