Customize CS GO
In CS GO, players are allowed to customize the game HUD elements.
I show you how you can do some nice changes! crown

In this CS GO HUD guide let’s have a look onto the options & console commands.
Find a CS GO console activation tutorial here.

What is the CS GO Hud?

HUD stands for Heads up Display and means the displayed area of the player statistics, health bars, armor, ammunition and more. While playing CS GO, it is extremely important to see the conditions fast: the health, the ammunition, the weapon inventory, radar, team-members and if you got the bomb.

With the CS GO HUD options and commands you can create your personal modded CS GO HUD style in no time! dia

How to customize the CS GO HUD?

How to customize the CS GO HUDWith the new look and feel of the Counterstrike Global Offensive game menu the default options come along with many things that you can change without writing commands into the console.CS GO HUD optionsIn this game menu you can easily change the CS GO HUD elements:

  • The HUD Scale (size of the displayed elements)
  • HUD Color (I prefer green)
  • HUD Background Alpha (here you can change the transparency)
  • The Health/Ammo Style
  • Bomb Hud Position
  • Mini-Scoreboard options (with or without avatars)

If you are more a fan of console commands, you can make use of the following HUD commands:

CS GO Radar HUD:
CS GO HUD Radar optionsIn the CS GO Radar HUD menu you can change:

  • The Radar HUD Size
  • Decide if you want that the Radar rotates or not
  • The Radar Zoom
  • Decide if the shape should toggle with the scoreboard

The CS GO Radar console commands is defined to change the size with a number between 0.8 and 1.3:

CS GO Playercount & Showcount:
This reduces the CS GO team member display, which can be annoying sometimes! With showcount you can even remove the avatars to just see a number and with the second command you can decide if the playercount should be displayed at the bottom of the screen!

Changing the CS GO HUD Color:
Choose one of 10 colors – which is your favorite color? 😉

Light Blue9

Placing the Bomb Icon below the Radar:
Decide if you want to place the bomb icon below the radar, instead in the inventory.

CS GO HUD Background:
With the background alpha you can remove the dark border around all elements with a value between 0 and 255:

Changing the Health & Ammo view:
You can remove the health bar so that you just see the numbers.
Use the CS GO console command:

How to hide the CS GO Hud?

This is really useful if you want to make awesome screenshots or record a demo in Counterstrike Global Offensive. The command removes all displayed HUD elements and make the game just plain, of course it is extremely hard to aim without a crosshair, but it is just for testing & showcases!

sv_cheats 1To hide the CS GO HUD in GOTV use the commands below, for instant changes ingame use this one.
cl_drawhud 0 [default 1]Removes all CS GO UI elements completely including the reticle.
cl_draw_only_deathnotices 1 [default 0]Removes the CS GO HUD, but keeps death notices in the upper right.
cl_show_clan_in_death_notice [default 1]Displays the clan name next to the player name in the death notices.

What is your favorite CS GO HUD?

Which one is your favorite color?
Which CS GO HUD has the most epic style?

Do you miss anything? Comment below! crown
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