CSGO FPS Optimization Guide

Everything you need to know about CS GO FPS
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In this guide I show you how to deal with FPS in CS GO. There are thousands of ways how you can improve the CS GO FPS rate or even make it worse, in this post I collected the best ways to get a high FPS output fast! crown

In this Guide we take a look on:

  • 1. What is FPS?
  • 2. How to increase the FPS in CS GO?
  • 3. CS GO Tools
  • 4. Final Words

Let’s start…

1. What is FPS and why is it important?

What is FPS in CS GO?What is FPS in CS GO?
FPS means frames per second and is showing a value how many images per seconds you can see on the screen. If you have more frames per second it looks fluently and comfortable, a low frame rate looks stuttering and crappy. Same goes for videos, the frame rate defines the quality of a record.
In Counterstrike Global Offensive every frame per second counts. With a better FPS rate in CS GO you can react faster and see differences on the screen much better. In first-person-perspective shooters like CS GO even miliseconds can decide a game, especially for high class gamers and professional e-sport gamers.

In a normal case a CS GO player does not change the FPS settings – only a small bunch of players care for FPS, this is bullshit: It is so easy to improve at least a bit.
In a nutshell, good FPS rates in CS GO need powerful hardware for awesome graphical details and a high resolution. With a high-end computer with a good graphic card, sound card, mainboard and a fitting keyboard mouse and headset is a setup that every CS GO player should have – but even for slower computers the FPS rate can be improved!

FPS Difference Example
To make things clear, let’s check some examples.
CS GO FPS Guide ExampleCounterstrike Frames per Second (FPS) Example

As you can see, the slow FPS rates look like if they are jumping.
For our eyes a frame rate below 30 looks wrong.
Real life has about 40-60 FPS, studies say humans can interpret up to 150 frames per second, while the brain is capable to see even 1000 frames per second. Everything above 60 FPS should just be exactly for fluent transitions, but not for different images, it can confuse and damage our brain.

How can I see my FPS in CS GO?

With just using our eyes it is hard to determine the FPS rate. 😀 Well, we can see if it is nice or bad …but numbers are more precise: CS GO is able to display the FPS whithout any extra software.

Step by step guide to see the CS GO FPS:

  • 1. Start CS GO and open the developer Console. To activate the CS GO Console find this article or just jump into the settings and activate this option:
    CS GO enable developer console
    Setup a key for the console and click it:
    CS GO Console Toggle Key
  • 2. Type cl_showfps 1 into the CS GO console to see the frames per second. This will diplay the FPS in the upper left corner, even in the menu:
    CS GO FPS Display
  • 3. To remove the FPS display type cl_showfps 0 into the console.
  • 4. If you want to see more details enter the command net_graph 1 to display also the ping, packet loss and server plus client information.
    CS GO FPS Net Graph

Why FPS can drop?

FPS can drop in CS GO for different reasons:

  • The PC gets older and older, it makes the full system slower.
  • The quality of a game also determines how fluently players can play the game, often new patches can cause a worse output, because of bad game development. These bugs can cause low fps drops.
  • If you play CS GO close all of the other applications to reach the maxmimum power.
  • The FPS is dependent from the system performance, if too many shitty tools are installed it will make the PC slow. Keep your hands away from tools that supposedly improve your PC and make it faster.

Why is FPS important for CS GO?

For Counterstrike Global Offensive the FPS rate is much more important than for other games, the reason is the way it is developed: The CS GO Source Engine input lag is based on the amount of frames per second on your screen. This is not the case in other new games but in CS GO. It is important to understand this to see the impact of FPS!
If you are a CS GO player that wants to get the most out of the game, a high FPS is crucial. The frames per seconds often decide between life and death! 😀
A good FPS rate does not make it easier to win for you, compated to other players but the details are much higher and this gives you more possibilities to get the maximum out of CS GO ranked matches.

2. CS GO FPS Optimization Guide – How to increase the FPS in CS GO

CS GO FPS OptimizationLet’s start optimizing the CS GO FPS:

  • 1. Clean your PC & use new thermal paste: Ever used new thermal paste? It can work miracles. New thermal paste and a dust free clean pc is so boosted!
  • 2. Reinstall Windows: We know it all, the system gets slower after time and a fresh new install feels like a reborn, like a new chapter in life! 😀 Reinstalling Windows is an option if it easy for you to do so.
  • 3. Clean your system: Defragment your system over night, remove all unnecessary tools and third party programs that could prioritize some power of the system while playing CS GO. Also exensive antivirus tools can slow down the system.
  • 4. Graphic card driver: Get the correct graphic card driver, download the Nvidia or AMD application for that.
  • 5. CS GO Launch Commands: Edit the Counterstrike Global Offensive launch commands. -novid removes the introduction which is good for the performance. -high starts the game in high-priority mode and -freq 120 (or 60,75 or 144)Hz changes the display refresh rate. Find all CS GO launch commands here.
  • 6. Change the CS GO Graphic Settings: Check the CS GO settings and adjust the settings. Here are the perfect CS GO settings for the maxmimum FPS:
    CS GO best video game settings
  • 7. Windows High Performance mode: Go to Windows Hardware and Sound and select power options and check the option High Performance to make CS GO faster.

What is the best FPS rate to play CS GO?

This is question many CS GO players asked. There is not that one answer but in a normal case an average of 120 FPS is great. Don’t try to get below 90. There are CS GO players who say they love to play with 60 FPS but we told you about the Source Engine input system. A lower FPS can cause delayed or poor animations of single movements, it is better to be able to rely on a system that is always the same.

3. CS GO Tools and FPS

CS GO ToolsBeside the CS GO FPS display option you can install tools to see the FPS rate ingame. Many CS GO players use Fraps to capture ingame scenes. Fraps can display the FPS, because it can drop heavily while capturing a video.
For some cracks it is also interesting to see more statistics, for example Rivatuner can display values like the CPU usage and power consumption.

4. CS GO FPS Rate – Tell us about your FPS rate

CS GO FPS Frame Rate Step by Step GuideFor some games the FPS rate is just something that some computer nerds need to see. 😀
But for CS GO it is a part of the game, because of the individual game development.
Every player should at least adjust the CS GO graphic settings and get the awareness how important a fast system is for the CS GO FPS rate.
A high FPS rate can lead to a better rank in the CS GO Matchmaking!

What is you FPS?
Do you managed to improve the FPS?

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