CS GO Economy & Money System

How to make the most of the CS GO Economy
In CS GO it’s all about the money! 😀
Let’s dive in deep and check what is really important to be rich in Counterstrike Global Offensive?

They key is to understand the economy of CS GO, especially in competitive CS GO matches.

Learning to use the CS GO weapons smart, keeping in mind the cash reward you will get is tactcial and takes your gameplay onto the next level. crown

1. Basics of the CS GO Economy

CS GO Economy ListBasics of the CS GO Matchmaking Economy:

  • Every player in CS GO starts with $800 in the first round.
  • A won or lost rounds determines the cash for the whole team the most.
  • To learn the CS GO Money rules is crucial to increase your elo rank in CS GO.
  • Every weapon class has it’s own kill reward amount, weaker bought weapons have a higher cash reward.
  • As you can see in the table below, in a loosing streak, the team gets more money each round in a row. BUT the first round that you lose is extremely low, this means whenever you lose a round after a won round, the whole team needs to eco probably.
  • Saving a weapon as a terrorist is dangerous, and this is something many players do wrong: If you are a T and the timer rounds out without planting the bomb, the team gets $0 for that round. Only an AWP would legitimate this.
  • It is extremely remarkable to play for the timer as a CT: When the timer rounds out you win easily AND the team gets a lot of cash.

CS GO Objective cashout list:

Kill all enemies$3250
Timer runs out (CT)$3250
Defuse the bomb$3500
Bomb explodes$3500
Bomb plant$300
Lose 1st round$1400
Lose second round (in a row)1900
Lose third round (in a row)$2400
Lose fourth round (in a row)$2900
Lose fifth round (in a row)$3400
Lose but get the bomb planted (T)$900

2. CS GO Weapon kill rewards

CS GO Weapon kill Reward Money SystemHere is a complete list,

Pistols Kill Reward:

Dual Berettas$300
Desert Eagle$300

Heavy Weapons Kill Reward:


SMG Kill Reward:


Rifles Kill Reward:

Galil AR$300
SSG 08$300
SG 553$300

Gear Kill Reward:

Zeus x27$300
Incendiary Grenade$300
Decoy Grenade$300
High Explosive Grenade$300
Smoke Grenade$300

3. CS GO Economy & Money tips

CS GO Economy TipsThe CS GO Money system is a great thing:
It is easy to understand but only a low amount of players read an article like this, which gives you an advantage.
Keeping these values and tricks in mind and having more money on the bank, will lead to a better CS GO rank on the long term, without having more skill in CS GO at all. To manage the finances gives you control and a more concious and reliable playstyle.

Pistol round tips:

  • Everyone one knows it and it is putting much pressure on to the first round: The first round in CS GO is exremely important to win, a won first round can lead to huge control and tactical lead of all of the subsequent rounds. Some guys even say who wins the first round, wins the whole match! 😀 But that doesn’t have to be the case.
  • Two or three out of five CT players should always uy a defuse kit. The rest of the team should buy a Kevlar and grenades. Different pistols should only be bought if a player as an extreme skill difference with a specific pistol. The normal starting pistol is great to kill enemies in a short or middle range and it is easy to make headshots if the enemy has no helmet, which is the case in the first round.
  • DON’T buy a Desert Eagle for style reasons in the first round!!! (style police) 😀 You can do that later, if you have a winning spree.
  • Talk with the team: The players with the kevlar should always go first in the pistol round. Having a kevlar in the first round and playing vs player without a Kevlar is an extreme adavantage.
  • The players with the grenades should stay in the second row and stay calm, don’t rush without a kevlar.

CS GO Eco round tips:

  • Simple rule: If you are CT and you lost the first round, then it is a good idea to buy armor, grenades or a Mag. Why? The economy of the enemy team is weak too, they will buy SMGs or if they are stupid, they will buy an AK-47. You have nothing to lose, you will Eco anyway next round (and if you lose the second round you can still make a full eco). The counter-buy gives you power to break through the enemy team.
  • As a T this is not the case: Two full ecos are more smart to release the full power in the fourth round together. If your team reached a bomb plant in the meantime (but the round is still lost) a counter-buy is possible in the next round.
  • An eco round is a bad initial position, but if you kill someone with a pistol, you can take his weapon, making a kill with a shotgun or grenade can give you extra money for later rounds.
  • Stay positive, even after a lost first round, it is important to concentrate and release the full power as a team. Give 150% and don’t get overwhelmed by a winning-team spree that just overruns a losing team. Break this – stick to your skill, stay calm and play tactical.
  • If you play against an ECO round, the best way is to eliminate the enemy players one by one, try to catch them together. Avoid spaces where you can get suprised as a whole team, avoid open spaces, always give the teammates coverage.
  • Always check every corner, people love to camp in the eco round!

CS GO Buy round tips:

  • If you won the first round, it is key to victory to take the advantage and strengthen the lead. This has to be done smart!
  • It’s actually a good idea to invest everything you have and make an all-in! Buy the perfect weapons and equipment to win this round and all of the following rounds.
  • A forcebuy in CS GO is a round where the team dies not have enough cash, but needs to break the enemy right now. A forcebuy is a decision which gets strong if all players in a team act in concert. The money can be splitted into kevlar and SMG or shotgun players behind them.
  • A fullbuy is a round where the whole team buys and everyone is spending an amount that gives him great equipment. Important to show dominance.

CS GO Economy Tips & Tricks:

  • As a CT player smoke grenades are a strong element to win rounds: With a smoke grenade you can block an entire area for more than 20 seconds. Time is money as a CT and if you can steal the enemy 20-30 seconds with this you made a big step to win this round!
  • In the most cases it is the smartest way to just save until you get your best weapon.
    This also depends on your CS GO player role inside the team.
  • Always buy a kevlar with helmet if you won the first round. This is your main advantage in skirmish.
  • If the enemy team invests into strong rifles like AK’s, M4’s or AWP’s the helmet is not useful and you better get some extra grenades to counter them tactical and avoid the basic 1:1 situations.
  • The P90 is a great counter against strong rifle players and early pushes.
  • One AWP is enough for the whole team, there is no reason for a second AWP.
  • In an eco round sometimes only one player has a nice weapon, the other players should follow him and take his weapon and make an advantage out of his spend money.
  • Give other players weapons to support them. Be the one who always has money, when the others are wasting it!
    Like this you can increase the your CS GO rank too.
  • Have an eye on your money, even when you are winning:You do not have to buy a new kevlar if it has still 80 or 90! 😉

Conclusion about the CS GO Economy

To understand the mechanics of the CS GO Economy and to make the most out of it is quite important!
Paying attention to the CS GO money system improves your gameplay!

If I missed something add a comment below.
Have a nice day, here is a CS GO potato for you! 😀
CS GO Potato

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I always try to buy p90 and save as often as I can, then I drop for mates, I always give the best player drops.


Good tips