Counterstrike CS GO Dust 2 Guide

The world wide most famous map in Counterstrike is by far… Dust 2! The easy access & skill depth Dust 2 delivers, make this map loved by CS GO beginners and experienced players as well. x33

The CS GO map Dust 2 is a bomb defusal map with two bomspots. The map has the shape of an 8 and the two teams can meet each other very fast everywhere on the map.
Dust 2 was redesigned by Valve to make it more modern und to improve some things visually and for the gameplay.

Read on for Dust 2 Tips and Tricks, a guide how to win more rounds on this map

Dust 2 General Information

Dust 2 StatisticsMaps Overview
Scenario:Bomb Defusal
Map Type:Official Map
Frequency/Usage on Steam:Very High
T/CT Favor:Light T Favor/Well adjusted

Dust 2 All Callouts and Positions

Here you can find all map callouts of the CS GO map de_dust2. This is important for a fast voice report and global comprehension. It is crucial that all people online use the same wordings so that it is clear for everyone which area on the map is meant. crown
CS GO Dust 2 Map Callouts

CS GO Dust 2 Position Names

Dust 2 Radar Map:

CS GO Dust 2 Radar Map

Dust 2 Guide, Tips & Tricks

Dust 2 Guide Tips and Tricks

  • The map feels very casual, but many players camp a lot on Dust 2, always be careful and check all corners while moving.
  • Winning Dust 2 is most of the time a tactical thing. As the T team, rushing one spot with the whole team (from one or two sides) is the key to victory. For the CT team the positioning is crucial and the reaction of the first defense. By defending good early, CT’s can bring the map home over time.
  • The team that is making the first kill is mostly winning the round. Never be the first one dying on Dust 2, always stay calm and wait a bit. Just if you are rushing and making an all-in, of course the starting position determine if you have to go in as the first player. Find more CS GO pro tips here.

Dust 2 Wallpaper

Here are awesome Dust 2 Wallpapers – download for free:

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