CS GO Guide – Dust 2 AWP Doubledoors Training

How many times in our lides do we stand on Dust 2 near the base with an AWP, trying to kill enemies instantly? xD Well, I did sometimes. ^^

CS GO Guide – Dust 2 AWP Aiming:

This is a CS GO guide for perfecting your Dust 2 AWP aiming through the middledoors!

On the training map dust 2 awp doubledoors you have the possibility to aim trough the de_dust_2 doors to increase your hit rate.

The goal is to kill the Counter Terrorist Player that wants to reach middle or the bombspot B. This happens on every start of a round on Dust 2 and if you do regular kills here, this can hopefully increase your win rate!

You played against enemies who hitted you every round through that facking door? 😀

Maybe these good players have trained on this map – Check it out!

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CS GO Dust 2 AWP Video Guide:

Try it out – it works, the incoming headshots will make your enemies mad! bizeps

Dust 2 AWP Training Map Download:

Get the map in the Steam Workshop here: Dust 2 AWP Training Map Download

CS GO Dust 2 AWP Aiming Guide

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