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Welcome my friends 😀 today we gonna have a closer look on the Desert Eagle in Counterstrike Global Offensive!
Is it worth to buy? When is the best time to shine? How to shoot & aim right?

The Desert Eagle is the weapon with the most style in CS GO! The typical best equipment is the AWP combined with the Deagle, not just because it is strong but also it is getting style points! 😀
If you are the last player and everyone is watching you, moving around with the Deagle-AWP combo is just epic and is able to create big moments, you can fail hard or the complete opposite – earn fame! bizeps

CS GO Desert Eagle Statistics

Desert Eagle StatisticsWeapons Overview
Magazine Capacity:7/35
Reload Time:0.9s
Movement Speed:230

Deagle Baiscs:

The Desert Eagle (in short Deagle) costs $700 and is the strongest pistol, and also one of the strongest guns in general in Counterstrike. The usage got popular along with sniper and high distance weapons, because of the quick usage and damage output in melee and short distance skirmish. In the latest CS GO patches the Deagle had a dramatical reduce of the accuracy to make the weapon usage harder. The Deagle is still strong, but much harder to use than in the past, for the most players other pistols are much better to handle and to master. In the meantime the Deagle got a bit optimized again to gain more popularity again.
Some players defintely love and recommend the deagle:
Let’s break down in which situation it is worth buying the Deagle! crown

Desert Eagle Spray and Recoil

In comparison the Deagle is the most accurate weapon in CS GO that is not equipped with an optical sight, so the Deagle is more accurate than any SMG or the AK or M4.
The bad thing about it is that the Deagle has the lowest aim reduction after the shot: It needs 2.5s to recover, while other pistols have a value below 1s.
This means the first shot is really important and every next shot has to be delayed or the spray is incalculable. Shooting at shorter distances is of course much better for the Deagle.

But how to use the Deagle mechanics right?
Deagle pro tip: Strafing or counter-strafing does not help much, it does not change the aim reduction. Find more CS GO pro tips here.
To utilise the behaviour and mechanics of the Deagle try this: The simple solution is to switch to the knife after every deagle shot and to switch directly back. The Deagle will be reset to zero and the next shot is again a first shot. To make this more simple you can create a bind with the CS GO console and save this action into one key. crown

CS GO Desert Eagle SprayCS GO Desert Eagle Recoil

Deagle numbers:
The Deagle has a high damage output and can bring an enemy down with one single headshot – the popular deagle oneshot! dia
But also the body hits are quite strong, you need a lot of hits to kill an enemy with bad hits, but in comparison to other weapons each hit does a lot of damage.
The Deagle is much stronger used for shorter distances & has a big fire power, but the mobility is worth than all of the other pistols. The reload is quite fast, but still dangerous – once the first magazine is running out of bullets and there is no space to hide in the most situations it means the death.

A good way is to delay single shots or use walls and objects to hide and peek!

Deagle Guide, Tips & Tricks

Counterstrike Deagle Guide Tips and Tricks
Deagle Tips and Tricks for CS GO:

  • For the Deagle it is absolutely important to join deagle maps and train, train & train. Only if you do this you will master the Deagle.
  • Also on Deathmatch Servers always try to use the Deagle as the secondary weapon for a higher rate of usage. Like that you will be better prepared for ranked matches.
  • Always try to hit the enemy with the first shot, this gives you many options like just spamming more shots or getting back, switching to the knife and making another first shot.
  • With the Deagle always try to hit the upper body or the head, Deagle hits are deadly but if you do not hit the enemy early this will end deadly for you!
  • Always keep in mind that the Deagle is a half buy, is is of course expensive and has not to be bought in an eco round. This is a big deal having the CS GO Economy in mind.
  • If you buy the Deagle in the first round, try to let other people move first, especially if they have armor. Act as the backup move in after the first player and support him with great placed shots at the enemy.
  • Do not use the Desert Eagle in long distance fights – but use it in melee fights!
  • The 7 bullets are enough to make 2 kills, try to avoid to reload after the first kill!

CS GO Desert Eagle Wallpaper

Do you like the Desert Eagle?

How often do you use the Deagle? Which is your favorite secondary weapon?
The Deagle is hard to master, but if you want to reach the highclass, it is a musthave to upgrade the Deagle aiming!

What do you think?

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