CS GO Console

Good Morning my CS GO friends! 😀
This guide shows you how to activate the most important thing in CS GO: The Console! It iss your main control area to define everything in CS GO!

What is the CS GO Console for?

The CS GO Console allows to use all the important commands you need and is the control set in CS GO.

With the CS GO Console you can define, change and upgrade your game. Like this you can configure CS GO to your needs & your computer.

Here are some of the possibilities of the Console:

The CS GO Console is the main foundation for all the other configs that you can find here! To get the best Configs you can browse our CS GO Config archive!

How to activate the CS GO Console

Step1: Right click your Steam tray icon and open the games library.
Counterstrike Global Offensive Console Guide

Step2: Find Counter-Strike Global Offensive, right click it and open the properties.
How to install the CS GO Console

Step3: In the Properties hit the Button “Set Launch Options…”
CS GO Steam Properties Screenshot

Step4: Type -console and press ok! bizeps
CS GO Console Commands

Bind Key in the CS GO Console

You finally made it!
You can feel like an explorer of the new world now bizeps , get started using the CS GO Console in your daily life! To bind the Console on a defined key just type into the Console following Command:
bind "y" toggleconsole

Now pressing y will always open your CS GO Console!

Easy, isn’t it? 8)

With the console you can use CS GO Cheats.

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