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The CS GO Configs you really need:

For Counterstrike Global Offensive many many configurations are possible, that can upgrade your gameplay. The changes should perfectly match your own attitudes, behaviour and gaming hardware, such as your gaming mouse & gaming keyboard.

Below you can find basic CS GO Configs about the console, console commands and CS GO launch options. These things make the ground for your perfect settings. The console is the main area for your configs – it allows to enter programmatic commands, binds and stuff that will help you! One of the most important and popular changes are the CS GO crosshair configs! They define how your aiming crosshair looks and how it behaves. Many people love to copy the CS GO Crosshair configurations from succesful pro players! dia Enjoy the CS GO Configs!

CS GO Basic Game Configs

CS GO Pro Crosshair Settings

Crosshair Configs:
Complete Crosshair Guide

Find the best CS GO Configs for you:

With CS GO Configs you are able to customize the game the way you need it!
We recommend to not play with the normal CS GO configuration, statistics show that customized crosshair settings and adjustmens lead to a better aiming and better playstyle in the end. bling

A simple rule to upgrade your playstyle is, to just analyse and pay attention how you react in aiming situations.
In the next step you can adapt the playstyle, get the CS GO Crosshair settings that you need and then train to use these settings perfectly.Every CS GO pro player is using his own optimized and customized CS GO configurations, this shows how important the settings are to aim better and win more games!
dia Have fun, finding perfect CS GO Configs! dia