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How to rank up in CS GO with Guides, Tools and Configs

Welcome to CS GO Tools!!! 😉
This page is dedicated to all who want to get better in Counterstrike Global Offensive.

Trough basic knowledge about the game, combined with tactical behaviour and awesome invidual CS GO configs you will be able to rank up multiple divisions. We took a close look on how it is possible for everyone to rank up and reach a higher win percentage. With the following topics you will be able to climb high or at least higher!

CS GO Tools and Guides

CS GO Guides, Tips and Tricks

In the CS GO guides section you can find the most important part to reach the next level. The guides step up the game and allow us to change things and consider things from a different point of view:

  • Learn the basics about CS GO like the game modes, player roles and perfect menu settings.
  • Find simple starter guides for beginners, like a radar guide and basic information.
  • With the competitive CS GO guides, learn how to rank up in CS GO and have better time playing ranked matches.
  • What is important to go pro in CS GO? Read the CS GO professional guides.

View all CS GO guides here.

CS GO Configs and Tutorials

What is the best configuration for CS GO? Here are methods and ready to use configs for any personal need, customized to the hardware and software:

  • Step by step guides how to configure things in CS GO like the console and the game settings.
  • Scripts and useful commands, like buying script and automatic messages.
  • The ultimate CS GO Crosshair guide for the perfect CS GO reticle.
    Use CS GO crosshair generators or create it by urself.
  • CS GO Progamer configs which you can copy and change.

Everything about CS GO Weapons, Maps and Skins

Every weapon has a different usage, but it is crucial to respect the recoil of a weapon and the spray!
Learn more about the CS GO sprays, recoils and also maps to dominate ranked matches:

  • Learn everything about CS GO weapons: How to make use of the CS GO weapon spray. Learn how to move the mouse while fighthing to absorpt the recoil!
  • In our CS GO map section find all of the map callouts and positions! Tactical guides for all CS GO maps!
  • The top 10 skins of the CS GO weapons – what are the best skins?
  • What is the best platform to trade and buy skins?
    How to make money with CS GO skins, read on in the CS GO skins area.

About CS GO Tools

Best CS GO guides and newsWe hope that you enjoy your stay! 😉 We are a small team of CS GO lovers, who managed to rank up in CS GO ranked matchmaking through knowledge and training:

  • We love CS GO and decided to collect tips and tricks for all CS GO players out there!
  • The information about CS GO is brought together at one place for you.
  • Learn how to rank up and how to climb up much faster than your friends.
  • Feel free to donate to help us or even help with warm words or feedback in our CS GO temple!

Have fun playing and rank up today! 😀