Xpadder Download

Xpadder allows you to play PC Games and Browser Games via Gamepad even if its not supported in the Game! You can download it for any language.
Play your favorite Games with a Gamepad. This means with Xpadder you really can play ANY Game with the Gamepad! Sadly the software is not for free and the innovator charges about 9$ for it. Some Games are really awesome and different if you play them with a Gamepad. It’s up to you to choose if you need it or not, it can give you a new game experience! Here is the Download Page.

Xpadder the Gateway to play with Gamepads

To Adjust a Gamepad to your favorite game follow two steps. Create all Buttons that are on your Gamepad in Xpadder. The you can define what happens on which button. Now you can play with your Gamepad inside the Games. Have fun! 😉