Teamspeak 3 Download

Teamspeak is the Number One Tool for Gamers to talk online!
Teamspeak 3 is totally for free! You can communicate with mates in chat channels – all you need is a Headset.
Download Teamspeak here.

After Installing just pick a name, setup your Microphone and join a server. If you are a team or a clan you can think about buying a server or get a sponsored server free. If you are in Teamspeak very often, having your own server is great and you can setup a password, so that no idiots and hackers join your channels.

With Teamspeak 3, the software made cool upgrades. The Chat is permanent and saves Links even if you reconnect. There is an avatar function as you can see in the picture below. And many more new features that make Teamspeak more simple and good to use.
Beside Mumble, Ventrilo and Skype I would recommend using Teamspeak 3, because it’s the best for Gaming and nearly everyone got it. 😉

Enjoy Downloading! 😉