Starcraft 2 Rankings

Welcome to the awesome Starcraft 2 Rankings! The Matchmaking system in Starcraft 2 is highly competitive and motivating! GO DIAMOND!
When you start playing Starcraft 2, the automated matchmaking system will qualify you after five games. Then you are put into one league and one division. Starcraft 2 is highly comepetitive – you always get enemies on the same level – forever. Even when Matchmaking exists in the most games – in SC2 it is ultimately claiming!

The Starcraft 2 Leagues

The Leagues starts with Bronze, then comes Silver, then Gold, then Platin, then Diamond and finally the Masterleague. When I started playing starcraft 2 in 2010 i got directly into the Masterleague. 😀 But after some time the average skill got higher and higher and I didnt play too much. Nowadays I am in Gold and got the same skill as before.

If you want to be a Diamond Player or even Master you have to invest a huge amount of time! Starcraft 2 is really hard to master. If you want to be really good you must be active and know all tactics. You have to know what you play against what and how you react best in any situation. Of course this is what a good strategy game should be and Blizzard is well known for such nice balancing in their Games. Starcraft is a very nice game with pretty much depth.

The Starcraft 2 Divisons

If you are for Example in the Gold League, you are also in a Division. There are endless Divisions in Gold and each got 100 players in it. Between these 100 Players you rank up and down. When you play games and win you get points. The more points you got the higher you get in your Division. There is also a Pool of extra points that you get when you play. It refreshes every few days.

What is your rank? And do you think like I do the Matchmaking Ranking system in Starcraft 2 is really nice! =) Whats your opinion?

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