Rocket League Review

Rocket League is a multiplayer-focused soccer battle-car arena game.
Sounds awesome? Rocket League turns an amazing and simple concept into a well executed game!

It is a mix of soccer & racing game – the hype about this game made it even more famous.

Rocket League is easy to learn and hard to master! Gamemodes from 1on1 up to 4on4 throw you directly into a match. 5 Minutes of combat without a half time decide which team will be victorious. The team that got the most goals at the end wins the game. Trough jumps, stuns and crazy moves you can speed up very fast and kick the ball trough the arena.

Rocket League is highly competitive and calls your inner desire to learn more and more moves!

Our Rating is a wicked 86 out of 100 for the genre multiplay arenas!


  • Extraordinary tension until the end of every match
  • Easy handling via gamepad or keyboard
  • Nice camera movement
  • Fast & Enjoyable
  • Short& addictive fun sessions
  • Great physics

  • Weird music
  • Only few arenas