The Browsergame Ogame is an online Space Game! Create your own Space Empire and dominate the Stars and Planets. You have to build up a good economy to get ressources.
In Ogame it is all about the Ressources. :D There are 3 Ressources called Metal, Crystals and Deuterium. To have a good Economy you must hold the Balance between a high Income and enough Energy to Produce. You have to build a space army of battleships and units to fight versus other Players. Fight for your Empire and get up to 9 Planets in Ogame. To get stronger you can attack other Players to get more resources.

But be Careful – The other Players will attack too!
In Ogame you can choose if you want to be friendly and concentrate on the Economy and live in Peace. Or you can start as a Fleeter and get into Fights early. At fist in the Game you should get a Moon, afterwards create your space ships and put money into the research.

Join Guilds and Clans fast to have People that can help you! Have Fun Flying Through the Space!