Minecraft Story Mode

The Minecraft Story Mode game is a five episode game where you play as Jesse. You can choose Jesse to be male or female. It’s a family-friendly game that doesn’t dumb down the story line. As Jesse, you and your friends are visiting EnderCon. There, you and your friends encounter an evil terror that has been released. You and your friends are on a mission from that point on to find the “Order of the Stone”. They were a group that was infamous for killing the Ender Dragon. On your journey you will travel to the over-world, the nether and many more interesting places.

Decide your own story

One of the great features of the game is that you are able to make choices and take actions that will determine how the story plays out. They have also incorporated, through the use of Story Mode, the crafting system of the Original Minecraft. Unfortunately you don’t have the independent option to craft objects.

The Minecraft Story Mode game has a fun filled story line with lots of action. The characters are intriguing. I give this game a 89 out of a scale of 70-100. This is a must play game for fans and non fans of the original Minecraft.


  • Great story line
  • Well made sequel
  • Beautiful graphics

  • No multiplayer option