Lol skin Interface

The free tool skinLoL allows to rearrange and resize the League of Legends ingame Interface. Customize and create your own Look!

Downloads: 43,920 Download-Size: 289.7 KB

The tool skinLoL enables you to customize the surface of League of Legends. The menu items can be easily moved via Drag&Drop and resized via mouse scrolling.

Arrange your favorite Lol skin Interface!

When you start skinLoL for the first time, it is set to standard values. You can change now everything you want for your best gaming experience. Changing the League of Legends Game Interface can be just looking awesome on the one hand 😎 but also improving your gameplay! With the perfect arrangement you can see things faster and not so important elements are reduced to a small level!

The Lol Interface skin is still under construction and currently in alpha. The free tool is brought to you by phryneas and the main source of the tool can be found at sourceforge. By using the Lol Interface skin you possibly find some bugs. The creators would like to hear feedback and suggestions to improve skinLoL!

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You changed much of your HUD Skin? Make a Comment or Upload a Screenshot of your HUD! 😀