League of Legends Jungle Timer

The Lol Jungletimer Deluxe offers you a detailed control set to master the Jungle in League of Legends via precise Timers!

Downloads: 23,522 Download-Size: 14.7 MB

The Lol Jungle Timer is a totally free tool that you can install and use for playing League of Legends.

The Jungle Timer if used properly offers you a load of advantages that you shouldn’t miss! The Jungle Timer can improve your skill on long-term. It trains you to routinely achieve the best possible conditions while jungling!

Features of the League of Legends Jungle Timer

  • Improving jungle invades
  • Exact timings for duration of wards & buffs
  • Your team gets alerted automatically

The main website LJTD is organizing the Lol Jungle Timer as an Open Source project. This means you can assist and cooperate with all of the people who are working on this software. The source code is open for everyone and there is a step by step guide to learn working with it. Therefrom the Lol Jungle Timer will be updated in the future severally!

How to use the League of Legends Jungle Timer

  • Download the Package
  • Install and start the Jungletimer Deluxe
  • Right click on the tray and browse to the config GUI
  • Set your League of Legends folder (at the bottom)
  • Restart the tool

Installation Video Guide:

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