League of Legends Hotkeys list

This is a full list of all Lol hotkeys – if we missed some make a comment and we will add the combinations! 😉
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Here are the Hotkeys:

Chat commandsFunction
EnterToggles the chat (Default: Send message to allies only)
/all or shift+entersends the chat message to all players in the game
/help or /?shows all commands with descriptions
/w or /msgRespond to the last person who whispered you
/mute usernameBlocks the defined username, you don't receive any message from this player.
/buddylistshows the active players of your buddy list in the chat window
/ff or /surrenderStarts vote for team surrender
/noff or /nosurrenderVotes against surrendering
/j or /joke or Shift+1The champions joke track
/t or /taunt or Shift+2The champions taunt track and animation
/d or /dance or Shift+3The champions dance sequence
/l or /laugh or Shift+4The champions laugh track and animation
qfirst spell
wsecond spell
ethird spell
alt+q or alt+w or shift+e or shift+rcasts the spell under the mouse cursor
aattack move
hhold ( like "stop" until it's lifted)
1-6Item usage
7 or bBlue Pill
dSummoner spell 1
fSummoner spell 2
zchat history
arrow keysscrolling
cHero Stats Page
pShop Window
TabMatch Stats
gtoggle ping cursor
ylock camera on champion
spacebarcenter camera on champion
Lcycles through minion healthbar views
shift+LOff/On champion healthbars
shift+KOff/On Summoner names
ctrl+Ftoggle FPS option
al+left clickpings location
alt+right clickcontrol minion movement
shift+right clickattack move
F1Select your champion
F2 - F5select one of your teammates
F12makes a screenshot
ESCoption menu