League of Legends Download

You don’t have League of Legends yet? Download and Install League of Legends – for free! For more Tools about League of Legends visit the Basic Lol Tools
League of Legends is a free to play moba game with a huge user base! It is an advancement of the Warcraft 3 custom map “Defence of the Ancients”.Take part and choose one of 90 different heroes with different spells and abilities. The game is played 5 versus 5 with the aim to destroy the enemies castle! League of Legends is playable totally free, you can choose by yourself if you want to purchase for single improvements like Lol skins.

Download it on the official League of Legends Page.
League of Legends is an exciting skill based action game, that can’t be learned on one day. Normal Games in League of Legends have a duration of about 30 minutes. You can team up with your friends and choose between different modes like free games, co-op mode or league games. One Game is over when the enemies castle/base is destroyed or a team has forfeited!

League of Legends is a highly recommended moba game, that provides a big community with loads of competitions and tournaments!

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Now lets Play! 😎