Knastvögel is a German Jail Simulation Game. Translated it would be “Jailbird”. In the Game Knastvögel you have to start your career inside of the Jail behind bars.
You are a Prisoner now and it is hard to stay alive in the Jail. Behind high bars it would be your death to fight alone. Every Gangster needs a Gang!

The Prison is ruled by evil guards who act like the Mafia. It is your Mission to be a big Player, you don’t even try to get a good guy or to rehabilitate.

To be in a good shape it is important to steel your body to be pumped up. Build up ya own District and perform challenging Missions.

You have about 30 Abilities that you can use and several stats to improve. Start the Gangster Career and try to get the biggest Ruler in the Jail! :D