Football Manager 2016 Review

Have you ever wanted to feel the excitement, the pressures for success, and joy of victory from coaching your own Football Club?

Well now you can with SEGA’s release of the new PC Game: Football Manager 2016

Management Brought to a Whole New Light

This highly anticipated strategy game will really give you the power to control the outcomes or your team. With features that allow you to control player development, player salaries, and even plays on the field of play; the power is really at your fingertips.

Anticipate your opponents moves, successfully strategize your way to creating a winning dynasty, or even start from scratch and draft your team with precision from a extensive database of players and teams. You are also given the ability to create your own Club with customized logos and more!

Surprising New Additions to Football Manager 2016

Not only do you get the power of interacting and even controlling the actions of your players, but you can enjoy the interaction with your coaching staff and the press. Take considerations into how you express you demeanor with the media and become the crowd pleaser. Take the steps necessary to forming an unbreakable bond with all others to become one of the best Football Club managers of all-time!

Our rating of this fully-interactive strategy game is a solid 80 out of 100


  • Immense control capabilities
  • Lifelike emotions and satisfactions
  • Progressive gameplay
  • And endless options menu
  • Full control settings

  • Excessive time management required
  • Mistakes aren’t so easily made up for
  • Very precise gameplay